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Opinionated Science is Technology Networks’ homemade podcast, where our team of scientists-turned-journalists cut out the chewy jargon and serve up slices of the most fascinating stories from the world of science. Expect a new Opinionated Science every other Friday.

Science Aloud is our audio articles series, where you can hear Technology Networks writers narrating their articles, covering a huge range of fascinating science. 

Listen to the latest Technology Networks podcasts:

Opinionated Science Episode 1: Genes and the Brain

Science Aloud: Preprint Describes Human Monoclonal Antibody That Blocks SARS-CoV-2

Opinionated Science Episode 2: Psychedelic Drugs: Ketamine for Depression, Party Octopuses and Stoned Dolphins

Opinionated Science Episode 3: The Microbiome: Gut-Brain Connections and “Poo Pills”

Opinionated Science Episode 4: Food Fraud: Fake Wine, Poisonous Milk and Horse Lasagna

Opinionated Science Episode 5: The Placebo Effect: Phantom Surgery, Alternative Medicine and the Big Bad Nocebo

Opinionated Science Episode 6: COVID-19: Repurposing drugs, Hydroxychloroquine and Clinical Trials

Opinionated Science Episode 7: The Vagus Nerve: A Target to Treat Brain and Body?

Opinionated Science Episode 8: Personalized Medicine: Cancer, Neuroscience and Genetic Data

Opinionated Science Episode 9: The Ethics of Genetics Testing: “Duty of Care”, Consent and Data Security

Opinionated Science Episode 10: COVID-19 Vaccines: Three Leading Candidates, Assessed

Opinionated Science Episode 11: Biohacking: DIY Gene Editing, Fluorescent Beer and COVID-19

Opinionated Science Episode 12: Green Labs: Sustainable Science and Exploding Microscopes

Opinionated Science Episode 13: Connecting the Brain: “Thought Tetris”, Brain Privacy and Neuralink

Opinionated Science Episode 14: Cancer Immunotherapy: Vaccines, Viruses and Nobel Prizes

Opinionated Science Episode 15: COVID-19 and the Brain: Investigating the “Silent Wave”

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Meet the Author
Ruairi J Mackenzie
Ruairi J Mackenzie
Senior Science Writer