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Un-picking Pick’s Disease

Article   Aug 29, 2018 | by Adam Tozer, Ph.D

Scientist Explains How They Un-picked Pick’s Disease

Adam Tozer PhD

Science Writer



BNA Interview Series: Exploring the Inflamed Mind With Professor Ed Bullmore


At the British Neuroscience Association's Festival of Neuroscience, we were lucky enough to sit down with some influential neuroscientists to discuss their work. In our last interview of the series, we talk to Professor Ed Bullmore on the evidence that connects inflammation and depression, and the possibility that the immune system could be targeted as part of future antidepressant treatments.


Just a Gut Feeling: IBS, SIBO and the Gut-Brain Connection


People often talk about their “gut instincts” or how they just “felt it in my guts”. Are these just figures of speech? It turns out that the gut – the digestive system – has its own nervous system that is often referred to as our “second brain”. This article investigates how our "two brains" communicate, and how breakdowns in that communication can lead to diseases like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


Feeling Like a Fraud: Impostor Syndrome in STEM


Impostor syndrome is experienced by millions of people around the world cross culturally, and describes difficulty internalizing one's accomplishments or abilities, and instead attributing their success to other factors. In this article, we explore the prevalence of impostor syndrome in STEM and the impact it has on the scientific community.



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