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Teach Me in 10 Editorial Season 1 2022

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Teach Me in 10, the video series brought to you by LabTube – part of the Technology Networks group – invites scientists to discuss a scientific research topic, method or concept in less than 10-minutes.

Find a subject that piques your interest? Watch the 10-minute video and check out the further reading resources provided in the video description if you want to know more – it's as easy as that.

Each year, Teach Me in 10 publishes several seasons of fascinating and insightful videos on a variety of different topics, presented by world-renowned scientists.  

Season 1

In season one, we explored scientific concepts such as: Where does a food’s flavor come from? How do you conduct a PCR experiment? How do we engineer living cells to become therapeutic drugs?


Ovarian Cancer With Dr. Mara Artibani

For this Teach Me in 10 episode, we are joined by Dr. Mara Artibani, senior postdoc at the Ahmed Laboratory, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford. In just 10 minutes, Dr. Artibani provides you with everything you need to know about ovarian cancer, what it is and how science can work to beat it.


Everything You Need To Know About PCR With Dr. Eric Yager

If you had not heard of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that you are very familiar with it now. You may have even had a PCR test. So how does it work and how can it be used to detect infectious pathogens like SARS-CoV-2? For this Teach Me in 10 video, we’re joined by Dr. Eric Yager, director of the Pre-Pharmacy Program and associate professor at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Dr. Yager provides a clear and concise 10-minute overview of how a PCR experiment is performed.


How Vaccine Inequity Leads to SARS-CoV-2 VOCs With Kara O'Neal

For this Teach Me in 10 episode, we're joined by Kara O'Neal, who discusses how vaccine inequity leads to viral evolution as susceptible hosts (both unvaccinated and vaccinated immunosuppressed individuals who rely on herd immunity for protection) act as “factories” for variants of concern (VOCs).

The Human Body’s Adaptation to Space Flight With Dr. Lisa McNamee

In this Teach Me in 10, we're joined by Captain Dr. Lisa McNamee, a Medical Officer with the Irish Defence Forces. In less than 10 minutes, Dr. McNamee provides an eloquent overview of why it's important to understand how the human body adapts to space flight, and what we know so far in this space.

Engineering Regulatory T Cells As Living Drugs With Dr. Leonardo Ferreira

For this week's episode of Teach Me in 10, we're joined by Dr. Leonardo Ferreira. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) occurs when the immune system targets the patient’s own insulin-producing pancreatic islet cells for destruction. What if we could instead re-educate the patient’s immune system to accept pancreatic islets? That's the current focus of Ferreira's research, in which he is exploring the use of regulatory T cells as living drugs to treat T1D.

Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin D With Dr. Lina Zgaga

This week at Teach Me in 10, we're joined by Dr. Lina Zgaga, associate professor in public health and primary care at Trinity College Dublin. In just 10 minutes, Dr. Zgaga talks us through what vitamin D is (plot twist, it's actually a hormone, not a vitamin), why it's important in human health and some of the key challenges in vitamin D research.

Ice Ice, Baby – An Intro to Cryopreservation With Dr. Jarrod McKenna

What is cryopreservation? What techniques are there/how do we do it? When did we first cryopreserve gametes, and has it changed over time, and what are some new directions for cryopreservation? Dr. Jarrod McKenna, who holds a graduate diploma and PhD in reproductive sciences from Monash University, explains all in this episode of Teach Me in 10.

Where Does a Food’s Flavor Come From? With Dr. Abbey Thiel

Have you ever wondered where a food’s flavor comes from? Most of us think it’s in food, but in reality, much of flavor has to do with our own personal perception of the food and how our brain interprets these signals when we’re eating. Dr. Abbey Thiel discusses what we know about the source of food’s flavor in this episode of Teach Me in 10.

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