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Latest Industry Insights

Photograph of the Agilent Measurement Suite at Imperial College London taken through the window.
Industry Insight

Flagship Facility Supports Advanced Analytical Science

We spoke to Prof. Oscar Ces, head of the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London (ICL), to find out about the evolution of ICL’s White City Campus, the Agilent Measurement Suite and what it means for scientists across the board.
Liver cells as seen under a microscope.
Industry Insight

Curing the Image Analysis Headache with Deep Learning

Misha Bashkurov explores how image analysis software with deep learning capabilities can directly address the convoluted and confusing process of traditional image analysis, which often leads to user frustration, bias results, time lost and increased costs.
A, G, C and T letters representing sequencing.
Industry Insight

Expanding the Short-Read Sequencing Space With Novel RNA-Sequencing Library Preparation Workflows

This article discusses the methodology of using common archived biospecimens for RNA sequencing in oncology applications, such as tumor profiling, introducing challenges and innovative solutions.
Inside of an extracellular vesicle.
Industry Insight

Building the Future of Extracellular Vesicle Isolation

Hans van der Voorn tells us about some of the recent progress in the extracellular vesicle-based diagnostics and therapeutics landscape, particularly the need for industrial-scale EV isolation workflows.
Protein structure.
Industry Insight

Expanding the Drug Target Universe: How Next-Generation Proteomics Is Transforming Oncology Research

Cutting-edge mass spectrometry proteomics technologies are accelerating the discovery and validation of novel targets in cancer, opening up new avenues for next-generation cancer therapeutics.
Cancer patient with a line in her arm talking to a medic with a stethoscope around her neck.
Industry Insight

Next-Generation Proteomics Solutions Set To Accelerate Targeted Therapies

Hear how the capabilities of mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics are proving themselves in drug development and discovery and what this means for those working in oncology.
A picture of medicines.
Industry Insight

Failing Faster To Succeed Sooner in Drug Discovery

Revvity announced its newly established Scientific Centre of Excellence in Cambridge, where scientists can outsource their research needs to Revvity experts. Technology Networks visited the site to learn more about how Revvity is supporting its customers in their drug discovery efforts.
DNA double helix on a blue background.
Industry Insight

You Have No Moat – The Great AI Democratization Spells New Challenges and Opportunities for SynBio Companies

This article examines the impact of the democratization of computational design and discusses how synthetic biology companies must shift focus if they are to remain competitive.
RNA molecule.
Industry Insight

Quality Control for RNA Therapeutics: Meeting a Growing Need

New applications for RNA therapeutics are continuously emerging. In this burgeoning space, nucleic acid quantification can help this dynamic therapeutic modality reach its full potential.
Four drug tablets lined up.
Industry Insight

Data-Driven Adaptive Trials: Enhancing Safety, Accelerating Progress and Boosting Economics Through Enhanced Insights

Trial sponsors are faced with vast amounts of diverse data and corresponding endpoints spanning all trial sites linked to their study design. This article explores how interactive response technology can help sponsors overcome these challenges.