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Pittcon 2013 LIMS & Laboratory Informatics Preview

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Technology Networks will be exhibiting at Pittcon 2013 in Philadelphia, PA from March 17-21 in booth no. 2628 -- near to the Life Sciences arena. The Informatics arena where most of the LIMS and Informatics vendors are congregated is near the center and front between the entrances to Halls C and D. When you visit the exhibit floor, please stop by!

Once again, Pittcon hosts a number of LIMS and Informatics sessions, short courses, and workshops to bring you up to date on the latest in LIMS, informatics, laboratory automation, and laboratory regulations. In fact there are a lot of short courses, making Pittcon one of the best bets for in-depth training customized to an attendee's particular needs. 

This year the Laboratory Informatics sessions can be found under Laboratory Management and Data Analysis. The best bet are the LIMS and ALMA sessions on Thursday, March 21, so make your plans accordingly. Following is a list of the events of interest.

At a Glance: LIMS and Laboratory Informatics

  • Data Standards for Analytical Chemistry - The ASTM AnIML Solution (Monday Workshop)

  • Bioanalytical Method Validation: Concepts, Expectations and Challenges in Small Molecule and Macromolecule (Monday ACS ANYL w/AAPS APQ Symposia)

  • We've Implemented a New LIMS, Now What? (Wednesday Conferee Networking Session)
    Laboratory Data and Information Management (Thursday Oral Session)

  • Laboratory Information Management: Integration and Implementation (Thursday Oral Session)

  • Lab Management: Basics and Beyond (Thursday ALMA Workshop)

  • Laboratory Management (Thursday Poster)

While there are fewer oral sessions concerning informatics at Pittcon this year, the exhibit hall remains the best venue for reviewing the various LIMS and other informatics systems. No other conference showcases as many informatics solutions. If you are looking for a LIMS or just want to find out more about how LIMS are taking advantage of the latest technologies such as Cloud Computing and iPads, the Informatics Arena – which is located in the back of the center of the exhibit floor – enables you to get a hands-on look at the leading LIMS solutions and a feel for how the different systems work. You’ll have a chance to view LIMS and other informatics solutions from Autoscribe, Baytek, ChemWare, LabVantage Solutions, LabWare, QSI, RURO, STARLIMS, Thermo Scientific, and more. Most of these vendors can be found in booths in rows 1800, 1900 and 2000; check the exhibit floor layout to ensure you visit all the ones on your list.

For details about the conference, including session times and locations, visit www.pittcon.org. 

See you there!