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Latest Industry Insights

Representation of DNA and protein molecules.
Industry Insight

Using Library-Based Approaches To Increase Depth and Accuracy of Proteome Profiling

This article discusses how library-based approaches in quantitative proteomics can increase the sensitivity and accuracy of such detection systems.
Representation of antibodies.
Industry Insight

Streamlining Lead Identification

To learn more about the Pioneer Antibody Discovery Platform and its potential impact on drug discovery and development, we spoke to Dr. John Cardone.
Radioactive symbol.
Industry Insight

The Case for RRx-001 as a Radiation Countermeasure

This article overviews the science behind the potential use of RRx-001as a “radiation buster” with anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties to prevent or reduce both GI-ARS and H-ARS.
DNA double helix on a black background, showing a double-stranded break in the DNA.
Industry Insight

New Approaches for Cancer Therapies: Targeting the DNA Damage Response

We speak with Dr. Niall Martin, CEO of Artios Pharma, to learn more about the development of drugs to target the DNA damage response pathway in cancer.
Two human hands holding jigsaw pieces representing partnership.
Industry Insight

Combine Harvesting: The Advantages of a Reverse Merger

In this opinion piece, Francois Rieger discusses why reverse mergers are the way forward for advanced therapies.
Banner representing digital connections in 2023.
Industry Insight

What’s on the Horizon for Clinical Trials in 2023?

From increasing trial diversity to using plants to manufacture drugs, the experts weigh in.
Gloved hand holding a vial of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine.
Industry Insight

Charged Aerosol Detectors: Superior Lipid Component Analysis During Lipid Nanoparticle Development and Quality Control

In this article, we will discuss how innovative HPLC with charged aerosol detection technology can tackle common analytical challenges, allowing robust characterization of the composition of the lipid nanoparticles in the formulation and accurate determination of impurities at the required regulatory levels.
Industry Insight

The Road to a Sustainable Precision Health Ecosystem in Taiwan

To find out more about the Taiwan Precision Medicine Initiative and its aim to implement a sustainable precision health ecosystem in Taiwan, we spoke to Dr. Pui-Yan Kwok, leader of the initiative.
An LC-MS bottle.
Industry Insight

New Levels of Sensitivity in LC-MS

The development of the 7500 LC-MS system from SCIEX is bringing new levels of analytical sensitivity to researchers. To find out more about the system and the applications that could benefit, we spoke to Jack Steed, a technical specialist from SCIEX.
Human hand holding a green Earth surrounded by trees.
Industry Insight

Leading by Example, Challenging the Sustainability Mindset

We spoke to Darlene Solomon to learn more about improving sustainability in science and Agilent’s commitment to My Green Lab and other sustainability initiatives.