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Latest Compendiums


Electron Activated Dissociation for Biologics Characterization

This content pack contains a variety of webinar and technical note resources to enhance the protein characterization potential in your biopharmaceutical workflows. Download this content pack to discover the latest, preoptimized methods for a variety of characterization workflows .
drug kinetics

Innovations in Drug Discovery and Design

The journey from drug discovery to market launch is a complex and expensive pathway that typically spans several decades. There are many factors involved in identifying and designing a successful candidate at various stages of the development pipeline including screening, design, kinetics, scale-up and many more
Cell and Gene Therapy Applications

Cell and Gene Therapies: Innovations and Applications

Cell and gene therapies seek to correct the root cause of an illness at the molecular level. These game-changing medicines are reshaping how we address previously untreatable illnesses – transforming people’s lives.

Applications and Innovations in Cell and Gene Therapy

Access this exclusive compendium for a selection of Technology Networks’ most popular content in this rapidly developing topic area including infographics, listicles, talk recordings and more.

Environment analysis

Perfecting Gas Chromatography for Environmental Analysis

Managing pesticides is imperative for us to preserve human and environmental health. Gas chromatography has quickly become the technique of choice to identify and quantify a diverse set of pesticides with high sensitivity.
Scientists working with assays

Achieve Successful BLI and SPR Assays

Designing and performing assays that accurately measure the binding kinetics of biomolecular interactions requires highly technical skills. Hence, such methods can feel out of reach for many scientists.
Sequencing in a bottle

Optimizing and Enhancing Sequencing Workflows Across Multiple Applications

In this special edition compendium, you can gain access to a collection of exclusive resources including an article, listicle, app note, two guides and two infographics showcasing applications of different sequencing techniques as well as how to overcome common challenges and enhance your sequencing workflows.
Optimizing the Isolation of Cell-Free DNA From Liquid Biopsy Samples content piece image

Optimizing the Isolation of Cell-Free DNA From Liquid Biopsy Samples

Diagnostic tests are at the core of medicine. Liquid biopsies in particular are incredibly valuable, giving a more holistic disease profile and making it easier to measure a condition over time.
Tissue Dissociation for Single-Cell Sequencing content piece image

Tissue Dissociation for Single-Cell Sequencing

With recent technological advancements, single-cell sequencing can now allow tens of thousands of individual cells from a single tissue sample to be analyzed, giving researchers an unprecedented opportunity to understand individual cell populations and their behavior in diseased tissue.
ICP-MS Analysis of Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Products content piece image

ICP-MS Analysis of Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Products

Elemental impurities contained in pharmaceutical products are getting more and more attention due to their harmful potential on patient health and impact on drug shelf life and efficacy. ICP-MS is an elemental analysis technology capable of detecting most of these threats at as little as a nanogram level per liter.