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Latest eBooks

A image of the eBook- Bioconjugation and crosslinking technical handbook

Optimize Your Bioconjugation Strategies

This eBook provides a comprehensive overview of the key considerations, including a portfolio of reagents, for bioconjugation, crosslinking and the modification of proteins and peptides.
A stylized antibody shape in white on a pale blue background

Mastering Next-Generation Therapeutic Antibody Impurity Removal

This eBook presents recent developments in purification and polishing solutions that can help address the challenges in therapeutic mAb downstream processing.
Scientist wearing PPE collecting a water sample from a river

Your Guide to PFAS Analysis

This eBook presents a series of comprehensive solutions for routine testing to ensure a healthier, cleaner and safer world.
Sterisart® Universal | Gen 4 - Specification Sheet

Sterisart® Universal | Gen 4 (Specification Sheet)

The Sterisart® Universal | Gen 4 pump, designed for barrier environments, enables precise, sterile sample transfers and features advanced software for compliant, paperless documentation, catering to modern lab needs.
Sterisart® Universal | Gen 4

Sterisart® Universal | Gen 4 (Full Brochure)

The Sterisart® Gen 4 Pump features a compact, universal design that easily fits into various workspaces, including benchtops in laminar airflow cabinets, RABS, and sterility testing isolators. Select the model that meets your needs with the convenience of built-in upgradability.
Beer brewing process, with equipment such as fermenters, a bottling, pipes and gauges with rows of wheat and bottles.

Microbiological Analysis in the Brewing Industry

This eBook explores solutions for microbiological testing that can help ensure beer meets quality standards, prevent extensive recalls and protect your brewery’s reputation.
Preview of eBook stacked up

Overcome the Challenges of Multiplex Immunoassays

This eBook delves into the significance of protein biomarkers and the advancements in immunoassay techniques, from traditional ELISA to cutting-edge multiplex immunoassays.
Man in lab coat walking up stairs where each step on the staircase is an illustration of an assay chip

Considerations for Lateral-Flow Immunoassay Development

This brochure outlines components and protocol considerations for the design and optimization of lateral-flow immunoassays.
A scientist in a lab coat is examining a specimen under a microscope, conducting research in a laboratory setting.

Developing Safe and Effective Cell Therapies

Cell and gene therapies are leading a new driving force behind innovative medical treatments for diseases such as cancer. However, manufacturing such products comes with challenges, due to the wide array of guidelines and safety requirements.

Advances in Monoclonal Antibody Purification and Analysis

These innovations are accompanied by advances in the biotechnologies designed to develop and manufacture them. However, each biomanufacturing process must ensure product purity and efficacy, among other quality criteria, in order to be approved for clinical use.