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Latest eBooks

oncology studies

Unlock the Potential of Your Preclinical Oncology Studies

This eBook explores how humanized mouse models can accelerate the development of novel, safe, and effective oncology treatment
Early Drug Discovery

How Label-Free Technologies Are Used in Drug Discovery

Many small molecule drugs and biologics interact with a therapeutic target to change its function. Hence, to accelerate drug discovery, streamlining affinity analysis workflows is essential.
Gene Sequencing

Whole-Genome Sequencing: Small Genomes

The ability to characterize microbial genomes is advancing many fields of research. In fact, sequencing approaches now allow scientists to understand disease origins and anticipate transmission patterns with applications across human health, farming and food production industries.
Workflow, Maximized

Multitasking Solutions for Multielemental Analysis

Today’s multielemental analysis labs are expected to tackle quick turnaround times, meet low detection limits and deliver high levels of sample accuracy – all while keeping maintenance and operating costs low.
Cancer cells.

Advances in Cancer Research

In this eBook, we highlight developments in cancer research through a selection of articles, interviews and graphics.
A primer on NGS Adapters: Structural Elements, Key functions, and Workflow Differences content piece image

A Primer on NGS Adapters: Structural Elements, Key Functions and Workflow Differences

Unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) now present a solution that can reduce quantitative bias, distinguish between PCR duplicates, and recognize sequencing errors.

Purification Solutions for Therapeutic Antibodies content piece image

Purification Solutions for Therapeutic Antibodies

In recent years, different therapeutic antibody modalities have been developed to address different therapeutic needs.
Tapping Into Japan’s Opportunity in Regenerative Medicine content piece image

Tapping Into Japan’s Opportunity in Regenerative Medicine

Interest in CGT&RMs has grown alongside the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in recent years; Japan’s established, rapidly expanding market makes it the perfect location to facilitate successful CGT&RM programs. `
Vaccine Development Pipeline content piece image

Vaccine Development Pipeline

Vaccines are critical for the prevention of infectious diseases and improvement of global health. Better understanding of the immune system and the availability of advanced structural biology tools and genetic delivery systems have unlocked new possibilities to improve vaccine development.
Making Single-Cell Proteomics Mainstream: Perspectives From Key Opinion Leaders content piece image

Making Single-Cell Proteomics Mainstream: Perspectives From Key Opinion Leaders

The development of -omics technologies marked a significant step away from the study of a few hundred proteins, genes and metabolites into a field where scientists can examine populations of these molecules, over thousands of molecules in an unbiased manner.