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Industry Insight

Electrophysiology Goes Digital

Dr Jan Dolzer, a scientist-turned-engineer that has spent his career at the leading edge of amplifier development, describes the capability of Sutter's all new digital patch clamp system

Unlocking the Secrets of Brain Organization -in the Fruit Fly

As many people spent the summer trying to keep the flies away from their fruit-bowls, an international group of scientists published one of the biggest and most important datasets in the field of connectomics to date, the complete 3D electron micrograph volume of the fruit-fly (Drosophila melanogaster) brain.

Neuroscience at Super-Resolution [Image Gallery]

A gallery of beautiful images of brain cells at the sub-micron level.

What Colour is This Shoe?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on social media, a new controversy has erupted. The question dividing opinions across the internet is now, "Do you see a pink shoe with white laces, or a grey shoe with blue laces?"

The Brain Bounces Back: Activity enables mice to overcome brain damage

Scientists removed an area of the somatosensory cortex in mice and found the animals could recover their behavioral deficit within two days.

Scientist Explains How They Un-picked Pick’s Disease

Scientists use Cryo-EM to solve the structure of the frontotemporal dementia-causing tau protein tangles.

How Can We Make Behavioral Science More Reproducible?

A scientist explains how, by making 'stock' behavioral tasks more accurate, we can improve reproducibility.
Industry Insight

From Growing Cells to Growing a Business

How do you start, grow and run a successful life science company? To find out we spoke to Dr Yichen Shi, CEO of Axol Bioscience.

Dr. Lina R. Nih Discusses Her Novel Approach to Brain Vasculature Regeneration

Xandrina and Adam speak with Dr. Lina Nih to find out about her novel hydrogel approach to brain tissue repair following Stroke
Industry Insight

Improving Preclinical Diabetes Research

Dr. Sven Schönecker from Multi Channel Systems discusses exciting technological developments in the preclinical drug development space for diabetes