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Alexander Beadle

Alexander Beadle is a science writer and editor for Technology Networks. Before this, he worked as a freelance science writer, writing features and reporting on breaking news in materials science, environmental science and drug research. Alexander holds an MChem in Materials Chemistry from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

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Published Content
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A red toy robot

Researchers Develop Light-Responsive Material for Soft Robots

Researchers have designed a new, 3D-printable, light-responsive material that can be used to make machines that move without any electronics.
Two hands making a heart shape with their index and middle fingers

Could Hydrogel Help Mend a Broken Heart?

Chemical engineers are one step closer to being able to repair damaged hearts, with researchers creating a new synthetic material that accurately mimics the biomechanical properties of fibrous human tissues.
A person holds a small glass of water aloft with their fingertips.

New Analysis Method Can Detect Forever Chemicals in Under Three Minutes

A new laboratory method can detect the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), more commonly known as "forever chemicals," in a matter of minutes.
Plastic cutlery sitting on a green background

Researchers Design a “Pluripotent” Plastic for Multifunctional Use

Researchers have developed a new “pluripotent" plastic material that can take on many different forms and properties as needed.
A low-angle photograph of a steel arch bridge in Porto, Portugal.

Producing Green Steel From Toxic Industrial Waste

Researchers have developed a new method for processing the waste created by aluminum production. The method extracts significant amounts of high-quality iron from the waste that can be used directly in steelmaking.
A river shaped like cutlery in a forest.

Discover Emerging Alternate Foods With Andy Shovel

Technology Networks invited Andy Shovel, CEO and co-founder of THISTM, a company that develops plant-based alternatives to meat, to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about the latest advances in alternate foods.
A person wrapping a band aid around their finger

Nanoparticle Skin Patch Monitors Tumor Size During Cancer Care

Medical researchers and chemical engineers have developed a new nanoparticle-infused wearable patch that can provide continuous monitoring of tumors under the skin.
The two-legged robot in its enclosure.

Watch This Robot Made From Silicon and Lab-Grown Muscle Walk Across Its Tank

Researchers have developed a biohybrid robot that can walk on two legs like a human, pivot on one leg and make tighter turning circles than other similar robots.
Dew clinging onto a spider web.

Scientists Spin Silk From Artificial Spider Gland

Researchers have successfully created a microfluidic device that can spin artificial spider silk. The device mimics the conditions in a real spider's silk gland, producing artificial silk with the same complex structure.
An illustration showing lithium ions (in pink) entering the layered cathode material structure.

Cobalt-Free Batteries Could Power the Next Generation of Electric Vehicles

A new battery cathode material could provide a more sustainable option for powering the next generation of electric cars.