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Alison Halliday, PhD

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Dr. Alison Halliday is an award-winning freelance science communications specialist with 20+ years of experience across academia, industry and the third sector – including ten years at the world’s largest cancer charity. She is skilled at translating complex information into jargon-free, engaging, stories – specializing in topics across the life sciences, medicine and health. After completing her PhD in molecular genetics at the University of Newcastle, she carried out five years of postdoctoral research at University College London before moving into science communications. She now works with a variety of clients to bring their research to life – including companies that need support with their product marketing, or organizations looking to engage with their audiences about the latest advances in biomedicine.

Latest Content
Red strands of DNA on a dark blue and light blue background.

Redesigning Medicine Using Synthetic Biology

This article will discuss how synthetic biology can be exploited to explore mechanisms of human disease, as well as develop treatments, highlighting key examples.
An artistic recreation of the tumor microenvironment.

Interrogating the Complexities of the Tumor Microenvironment

This article will explore the tumor microenvironment, touching on the different cells and factors that comprise it, how tumors take advantage of it and how it can be therapeutically targeted.

Cell and Gene Therapy: Rewriting the Future of Medicine

Cell and gene therapies are reshaping how we address previously untreatable illnesses. This article will discuss advances in cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing.

CRISPR Screening: Studying Evolution in a Dish

CRISPR screening enables the rapid and unbiased identification of genes relevant to a specific biological pathway. In this article, we explore how researchers are using this cutting-edge tool to shape our understanding of biology and advance medicine.

Dissecting the Complexity of the Brain at a Single-Cell Level

Understanding the brain requires an in-depth knowledge of its components. Advanced single-cell sequencing technologies are enabling researchers to explore the secrets of this complex and mysterious organ in unprecedented detail.

Recent Advances in Gene Therapy

Download this listicle to explore recent advances in gene therapy such as novel virus-free delivery systems, precision targeting using lipid nanoparticles and safer gene editing systems.

Heralding a New Era of RNA Therapeutics

Recent advances in mRNA technology, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, mark the beginning of a therapeutic revolution in medicine.

Unpicking the Complexities of the Cancer Microbiome

Understanding the relationship between cancer and the microbes that call our bodies home could transform the way the disease is managed in the future.

Leveraging the Power of Genomics To Detect and Track SARS-CoV-2 Variants

Monitoring changes in the viral genome is continuing to play a crucial role in shaping the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

High-Throughput Screening: Using a More Intelligent Approach for Hit Discovery

While industrial laboratories can screen vast numbers of potential drug compounds, many academic researchers are adopting more focused strategies.