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Anna MacDonald

Science Writer

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After obtaining a first-class honours degree in biological sciences from the University of East Anglia, Anna worked as a scientific conference producer before joining Technology Networks. As part of her role, Anna helps to coordinate coverage, working with key opinion leaders from industry and academia to produce content across all communities.

Latest Content
Industry Insight

Building a More Resilient Biopharma Industry

Technology Networks spoke to Conor McKechnie, to learn more about the Biopharma Resilience Index and the changes required to get new therapeutics to market quicker.
Industry Insight

Measuring Temperature Performance for Reliable Vaccine Storage

Technology Networks recently spoke to Drew Buskirk to learn more about peak variation and why it is so important to measure.
Industry Insight

Broadening the Adoption of Pharmacogenomic Testing

Technology Networks recently had the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Philip Empey, to learn more about the Pharmacogenomics Center for Excellence and how it is working to prove the clinical utility of predictive PGx testing.

Spatial Transcriptomics in Cancer

In this infographic, we explore spatial transcriptomics and how progress in this area is paving the way to a better understanding of cancer.
Industry Insight

A Paradigm Shift in Sepsis Diagnostics

In this interview, Rolland Carlson, PhD, CEO of Immunexpress, discusses sepsis and the company’s FDA cleared SeptiCyte® RAPID test, as well as a take on the company’s differentiated value and outlook.

What Does the Endocannabinoid System Have To Do With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

To learn more about the link between endocannabinoids and ASD and how innovative models are helping to study the ECS and its effects on the developing brain, Technology Networks spoke to Drs. Karen Litwa and Ken Soderstrom from East Carolina University.
Industry Insight

Digitalization of the Lab: Benefits, Solutions and the Future

To learn more about how digitalization can benefit workflows in the lab and some of the innovative solutions that Eppendorf offers in this area, Technology Networks spoke to Ann-Claire Foetsch.
Industry Insight

Unlocking the Functional Antibody Repertoire

Technology Networks learns about serum epitope repertoire analysis and some of the applications it could benefit, including cancer diagnostics and COVID-19 studies.
Industry Insight

Developing a Sustainable Source of Squalene

Technology Networks spoke to Jason Ornstein and Barry Holtz to learn how Synshark and Phylloceuticals are working together to address current challenges associated with squalene supply and access.

Industry Insight

Developing Therapeutics for Huntington’s Disease: Challenges, Opportunities and the Future

Dr. Christian Landles explains why it is so challenging to develop therapeutics for rare diseases such as HD, and discusses the potential of approaches that target mutant huntingtin protein to improve treatment options for HD patients.