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Anna MacDonald

Science Writer

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After obtaining a first-class honours degree in biological sciences from the University of East Anglia, Anna worked as a scientific conference producer before joining Technology Networks. As part of her role, Anna helps to coordinate coverage, working with key opinion leaders from industry and academia to produce content across all communities.

Latest Content
Industry Insight

Driving Forward Huntington’s Disease Research

Dr. Christian Landles highlights some of the progress made in recent years to improve our understanding of HD and its drivers.
Industry Insight

New Model Will Support Drug Discovery for Liver Disease NASH

To learn more about NASH “in-a-box” and how it can help to advance drug discovery for NASH, Technology Networks spoke to Dr. Audrey Dubourg.
Industry Insight

Harnessing the Potential of Bioelectronic Medicine To Treat Essential Tremors

Technology Networks spoke to Renee Ryan, Cala Health's CEO, to learn more about bioelectronic medicine and its use as a therapy for essential tremors.
Industry Insight

Probing the Proteome With Engineered Nanoparticles

In this interview, Dr. Daniel Hornburg discusses how engineered nanoparticles could help to bridge the gap between proteomics and genomics and transform cancer diagnostics.
Industry Insight

Identifying Risk Factors for Long COVID With Single-Cell Proteomics

In this interview we speak to Sean Mackay, CEO of IsoPlexis, to discuss how single-cell functional proteomics have helped researchers understand the risk factors behind long COVID.
Industry Insight

Using Bioelectronic Assays To Advance Drug Discovery for Neurological Diseases

In this interview, Jim Ross highlights several recent examples of how bioelectronic assays are helping to advance drug discovery for neurological diseases ranging from pediatric epilepsy to Burning Man Syndrome.
Industry Insight

Developing Novel Liquid Biopsy Oncology Tests

In this interview, Aiguo Zhang discusses some of the technologies that DiaCarta has developed within the liquid biopsy space and shares his thoughts on what the future may hold for the field.
Industry Insight

Time for Proteomics To Shine

Technology Networks had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Oliver Rinner, CEO at Biognosys, to learn more about some of the recent developments in proteomics, and discuss what the future could hold for the field.
Industry Insight

Driving Change in Rare Disease Diagnostics

In this two-part interview series, Technology Networks delves deeper into the diagnostic odyssey many rare disease patients face and explores current efforts to develop improved therapies for these patients.
Industry Insight

Moving Towards the Next Era in Rare Disease Therapeutics

In this two-part interview series, Technology Networks explores some of the reasons behind the difficulties diagnosing and treating rare diseases, and finds out more about recent developments to improve options for patients.