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Anna MacDonald

Science Writer

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After obtaining a first-class honours degree in biological sciences from the University of East Anglia, Anna worked as a scientific conference producer before joining Technology Networks. As part of her role, Anna helps to coordinate coverage, working with key opinion leaders from industry and academia to produce content across all communities.

Latest Content
Industry Insight

Agilent Science Futures – An Interview With Joyce O’Grady

In this interview, Joyce explains the impact her work could have on society, tells us about the benefits that open-source technology has had on her research and highlights the importance of researcher support programs.
Industry Insight

Addressing the Challenges of AAV Production

Technology Networks spoke to Emily Jackson-Holmes to learn more about the benefits of AAV vectors and reasons for the growing interest in their use.

A New Approach to Treating “Superbugs”

Technology Networks had the pleasure of speaking to Justin Schaal to learn more about MTD12813, its mode of action and how it addresses some of the shortcomings of traditional antibiotics.
Industry Insight

NanoDrop 20 Years On

In this interview, Patrick Brown tells us more about the evolution of NanoDrop over the past 20 years, highlights some of the most important improvements during this time and explores what the future may hold for the technology.
Industry Insight

Agilent Science Futures – An Interview With Tijmen Bos

In this instalment of Science Futures, we hear from Tijmen Bos, a PhD candidate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. Tijmen discusses the impact his research could have on society and how interactions with industry have helped progress his research and prepare him for the end of his PhD.
Industry Insight

Changing the Future of Multiplexing

In this interview, Greg Gosch shares insights into the science of multiplexing, discusses how ChromaCode is redefining molecular diagnostics and explores how HDPCR is shaping the future of what’s possible in COVID-19, related respiratory and other disease testing.
Industry Insight

Wild Genomes: How Genomic Insights Are Helping To Protect Endangered Species

In this interview, we learn about the value of genomic information in conservation efforts to manage endangered populations and how the Wild Genomes program is supporting research in this area.
Industry Insight

How icIEF-MS Can Help Biopharma Scientists Close the Developability Gap

Technology Networks spoke to Mani Krishnan to learn how a new category of analytical instrumentation – imaged capillary isoelectric mass spectrometry (icIEF-MS) – is helping to accelerate the biotherapeutic development process.

Applications of 3D Culture

This infographic highlights the advantages that 3D cell culture offers and explores some of the applications 3D models are benefitting.
Industry Insight

Agilent Science Futures – An Interview With Rajannya Sen

In this instalment of Science Futures, Rajannya discusses the real-world applications of her research and explains how technologies have steered her work.