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Ash Board PhD

Editorial Director

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Ash started with Technology Networks as an editor in 2010 having previously worked in marketing communications roles within the scientific industry. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham where he researched the active site of enzymes. Ash oversees the editorial, social media and custom content teams, helping set the direction of the publication.

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Industry Insight

Novel Biosensor Aims To Help Fight Against Forever Chemicals

There is widespread concern about the characteristics of PFAS and its impacts on human health. Can a protein biosensor help in this fight?
Industry Insight

Machine Learning Helps Achieve Greater Depth in Proteome Analysis

To understand how machine learning methods and new software capabilities are helping proteomics researchers gain greater depth in their analyses, Technology Networks recently interviewed Tharan Srikumar, product manager in bioinformatics at Bruker Daltonics.
Industry Insight

Easing the Switch to Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas on GC-MS

Despite hydrogen being used successfully in many labs, concerns persist about converting existing helium-based methods to hydrogen. We speak to Aaron Boice from Agilent to learn how a new technology is helping with this transition.
Industry Insight

New Technology Aims To Accelerate Biopharma Development

Developing and manufacturing biotherapeutics at scale requires thorough analysis of the active substance’s characteristics to ensure it fulfils both efficacy and safety requirements. Analytical technologies, such as mass spectrometry, are key tools adopted in this process.
Industry Insight

Automated Gas Chromatography Platform Aims To Simplify Lab Operations

PerkinElmer announced the launch of a new automated gas chromatography, the GC 2400 Platform. We spoke to Suneet Chadha to learn more about this latest introduction.

Reduced Air Pollution Leads to Higher Crop Yields

A new study has revealed how removing a common air pollutant could lead to significant gains in crop yields.
Industry Insight

Collaboration Aims To Transform the Manufacturing of Cell Therapies

Due to the complexity of the cell therapy products and patient-specific variability, product quality and consistency are significant challenges in manufacturing. In this exclusive interview, we learn more about these challenges and the ways they can be overcome.
Industry Insight

Leveraging the Power of Spatial Context

To learn more about the world's first Microhub – Mica – and some of the areas it could impact the most, Technology Networks spoke to James O’Brien, vice president life sciences at Leica Microsystems.
Industry Insight

Sustainability and Research: Finding a Balance

Laboratories often consume three to 10 times more energy than typical non-laboratory areas of universities. We spoke to Dr Susan Simon of the Medical Research Council to learn more about their commitment to sustainability and transformation to net zero by 2040.
Industry Insight

Designing in Sustainability in Science

With a reliance on single-use plastics, significant waste and high energy usage, the carbon footprint of the biopharma industry is large. If we are to accelerate the path to net zero, it is therefore critical to ensure sustainability in science.