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Image of Dr. Hugo Gagnon

Dr. Hugo Gagnon

Chief Scientific Officer, Allumiqs

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Hugo Gagnon is the Chief Scientific Officer of Allumiqs. Allumigs was created in early 2022. Previously, he served as the CEO and co-founder of PhenoSwitch Bioscience, which was acquired by Proteoform Scientific to create Allumiqs. During his Ph.D Hugo used mass spectrometry through different collaborations and core facility services to answer biological questions. He quickly learned that access to mass spectrometry was far from being simple and necessitates a considerable resource investment to obtain desirable results. Thus, PhenoSwitch Bioscience was founded, with a team of expert scientists, to address this specific need. Hugo studied at Université de Sherbrooke, where he earned a B.Sc. in biochemistry, M.Sc. in Pharmacology, and a Ph.D. in biochemistry. Hugo has been the driving force behind the innovative LC-MS/MS services offerings tailored with deep data analytics insights and high-quality reputation the company has developed within the biotech, omics, and mass spec industries. Throughout the year, Hugo as developed deep expertise in LC-MS/MS based omics, protein science and data science for omics analysis.