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Dr. Jonathan H. Dempsey profile page

Chief Scientific Officer

 at Pathway Biopharma

Jonathan is the Managing Director of Pathway Biopharma Ltd, a company setup to support the commercialisation of new technologies and biomedicines. Pathway Biopharma was founded to act as the guide for companies who have a great therapy or idea, but who may not know how to get to the point where they can begin to develop that idea. Jonathan is expert in the discovery and development of biopharmaceuticals, specifically monoclonal antibodies and in mammalian cell line development, upstream process development, and the transfer of cell-based processes to manufacturing. His career, spanning almost 30 years, has been spent working on biological molecules expressed in living organisms. Jonathan has a PhD in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Edinburgh where he studied the impact of the manufacturing environment on cell physiology. After many years developing bioprocesses for biomedicine manufacture with leading companies such as Celltech, Lonza and Cambridge Antibody Technology, Jonathan then went on to commercialise innovative technologies with Invitrogen. He set up Pathway Biopharma to assist companies in their journey to market and now works with virtual, small, and medium size companies to support them in bridging the gap from idea to product. Jonathan also works with Universities and Investors to identify and commercialise innovative technologies applicable to this industry.

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