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Image of Jorge Escobar Ivirico, PhD

Jorge Escobar Ivirico, PhD profile page

Product Manager, Bioprocess Solutions

 at Eppendorf

Jorge Escobar is the Product Manager, Bioprocess Solutions of Eppendorf, Inc., Enfield, Connecticut, USA. He joined the company in 2019 and has worked on applied research focused on efficient expansion of adherent and non-adherent cells (e.g. stem cells, adult primary cells) in cell culture bioreactors. After his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), he gained experience in the fields of cell therapy and regenerative medicine working as a researcher at the Center for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (UPV, Valencia, Spain), Institute of Biomaterial Sciences - Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (Berlin, Germany) and Institute for Regenerative Engineering (University of Connecticut Health, Connecticut, USA). Additionally, in 2017, he was promoted to Assistant Research Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Connecticut.

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