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Image of Dr. Robin Tuytten

Dr. Robin Tuytten

CEO Acting CSO

 at Metabolomic Diagnostics

Robin Tuytten (HDip Reg Affairs, BSc, MSc, PhD) is with the company since 2013 and has been responsible for all R&D programs of Metabolomic Diagnostics ever since. Robin trained as an analytical chemist and holds a PhD from the University of Antwerp, BE where he developed methodologies for the mass spectrometric analyses of small biomolecules. He joined Belgian biomarker company Pronota in 2006. Robin led Pronota’s Preeclampsia biomarker program until he joined Metabolomic Diagnostics. With more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications, co-inventorship on 13 technical and biomarker patent applications, a solid track record in commercial biomarker development and a deep knowledge of the field of pregnancy diseases, Robin remains the driving force behind the company’s current and future product development efforts. In October 2020, Robin was invited by the company’s board to take on the role of CEO as well. Since then, Robin combined the CEO/CSO roles effectively to drive the company’s first diagnostic solution, i.e., PrePsia™ an early pregnancy preeclampsia risk assessment test, to commercialisation.

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