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Tamara Laskowski, PhD profile page

Head of Clinical and Process Development, Lonza Personalized Medicine

Dr. Tamara Laskowski is the Head of Clinical & Process Development at Lonza-Personalized Medicine Business Unit. In her role, she supports the development of novel cell therapies targeting solid and haematological malignancies and the transition of these cell therapy processes from pre-clinical stage into clinical manufacturing. Moreover, Dr. Laskowski’s team oversees the implementation of enhanced analytics into process development, with the goal of identifying and monitoring critical attributes associated with product fitness and function. Dr. Laskowski received a dual doctorate degree in the fields of Human Molecular Genetics and Immunology from MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth where her work focused on targeted genome editing of patient stem cells to correct genetic mutations linked to immune disorders. Tamara has worked with leaders in CAR engineering, T and NK cell therapy development, and immunotherapy. Prior to joining Lonza, Tamara held a team leader role in the Immunotherapy Platform led by Dr. James Allison where her work focused on strategic industry partnerships and implementation of innovative immune-monitoring platforms to support clinical trials. Subsequently, Tamara joined the NK cell therapy team led by Dr. Katy Rezvani as a Scientific Director where she managed various pre-clinical and translational programs and led the integration of novel analytical platforms to support therapeutic target discovery and therapy development.

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