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Dr. Valentina Calabrese profile page

Postdoctoral Researcher

 at Institute of Analytical Sciences

Valentina Calabrese received her Ph.D. in Analytical and Bioanalytical Sciences at University of Palermo, Italy and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Analytical Sciences in Lyon, France. During her career, she specialized in high resolution, ultra-high resolution, and ion mobility mass spectrometry for application on fundamental topics and -omics research, such as metabolomics and lipidomics. Her research activity focuses on new method development and unknown compound annotation through high-resolution mass spectrometry and molecular networking in biological complex samples. She is currently involved in the study of sentinel freshwater organisms, as Gammarus fossarum and works on DDA and SWATH DIA methods with CID or EAD fragmentation strategies along with molecular networking construction for improving structural characterization of small molecules.

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