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Latest Content

The Genetics Behind Personalized Medicine

Download this infographic to learn how genomics data can be used to personalize treatments and enhance patient outcomes.

CBD vs THC – What are the Main Differences?

Here we look at some of the key differences, and similarities, between the most well-known cannabinoids, CBD and THC.

What is Cancer Immunotherapy?

This infographic explores the various types of immunotherapy, their pros and cons and looks at some recent success stories in the field.
Industry Insight

Overcoming Challenges in Single Cell Analysis

BD Biosciences has developed a method with the potential to transform both single cell transcriptional profiling and high parameter proteomics

11 Milestones in Plant Genetics

This list brings together 11 of the biggest milestones and innovations in modern agricultural biotechnology.

Neuroinformatics and The Blue Brain Project

The Blue Brain Project is an attempt to reverse engineer the rodent brain (and ultimately, the human brain) and recreate it at the cellular level inside a computer simulation.

Building the Blue Brain Nexus

The Blue Brain Nexus is designed to facilitate the recording, curating, storing, describing and tracking of experimental and computational neuroscience data in a format that may enable researchers to build a truly comprehensive picture of the brain.

The MAPK Pathway as a Therapeutic Target in Cancer Research

Following the rapid and striking success of vemurafenib, a MAPK targeting drug used to treat melanoma, interest in this critical cell signalling pathway has exploded.

Cannabis Medicine: Providing Patients with the Right Chemical Profile for Their Condition

Analyzing the complex chemistry of the cannabis plant may help scientists to develop specific cannabis-based drugs for specific conditions.

Trends in Cancer Research

This infographic highlights some of the key themes in cancer research including trends in research funding, publication output and, research and development.