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Cannabis Testing in the Home of the Coffee Shop

The Netherlands has long been known for its relatively liberal approach to cannabis but testing is far from commonplace here.

CRISPRa: A universal "on switch" to identify functional gene enhancers

CRISPRa is a widely applicable tool for untying genetic interactions in all kinds of cells and could be used to build functional regulatory maps of the human genome.

Cannabidiol: A potentially revolutionary treatment for PTSD

Evidence from neurobiological research points to cannabinoids as possible therapeutic agents of interest for PTSD, a condition that over 3.5 million people suffer with in the USA alone.

The Evolution of DNA Sequencing [Infographic]

Download this infographic to learn about some of the most important steps in the rapid development of modern sequencing.


7 Projects That Are Harnessing the Power of Big Data

This list highlights 7 enormous projects that are harnessing the power of big data to solve big problems in science.

9 Amazing Images from Cancer Research

In this list, we pay homage to 9 of the most incredible images we’ve seen from the field of cancer research.


Using Gut Bacteria to Prevent and Treat Disease

In this article, we chat to James Mcllory, CEO of EnteroBiotix, a Scottish biotech working to modulate the human microbiome to address unmet clinical needs.

Applied Proteogenomics: A New Weapon in the War Against Cancer

The complexities of tumor genomes are rapidly being uncovered, but how they are regulated into functional proteomes remains poorly understood, until now.

ctDNA as a Blood-based Biomarker for Immunotherapy Response

Researchers recently evaluated whether a blood-based biomarker detected by ddPCR could indicate how well patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) respond to immunotherapies.

Plant Epigenetics: An untapped molecular resource for crop improvement

Epigenetic phenomena such as paramutation, transgenic silencing, imprinting, and transposable element inactivation are prevalent in plants and potentially offer a huge resource for directed crop improvement.