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Image of Jamie Mitri

Jamie Mitri

Founder and CEO

 at Moss Pure

Jamie Mitri is an Entrepreneur with degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biology. Jamie spent her career developing and manufacturing medical devices and biotechnology products used in the ICU of hospitals, overseeing environmental compliance, including air pollution and wastewater, and more recently as a project manager focusing on business strategy and marketing. Jamie founded her company, Moss Pure, at a startup competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where it won First Place Startup (MIT Lebanon Challenge). Jamie then participated in the United Nations Development Programme, where Moss Pure won Top 10 Startup. Most moss companies use preserved or dried moss which is no longer living. Moss Pure is the world's only live moss air filter and stress relief device, while acting as an aesthetically pleasing decor piece in your home and office. No watering, sunlight, or maintenance is needed as Moss Pure's proprietary engineering sustains the live moss with the product itself, working in synergy to allow moss to obtain its nutrients from the air and become an air filter. Jamie uses both her engineering and science skills in the upstream process of the assembly of each piece, where the multi-layered air filter is built, and then uses her love and skill in fashion and interior design in the downstream process to produce a unique, aesthetically pleasing art piece for your space. For more information, feel free to contact Jamie and visit www.mosspure.com.

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