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Joanna Owens, PhD

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Joanna brings more than 20 years’ experience writing about a wide range of scientific topics in biosciences, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. After a PhD in Molecular Toxicology, Joanna began a career in science publishing, as associate editor on Drug Discovery Today and later as senior editor, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. In 2007, she joined one of the world’s largest biomedical charities, Cancer Research UK, specializing in plain language science communications for patients and the public. Joanna has been a freelance writer since 2017, covering all biomedical topics with a focus on oncology, pharmacology and drug discovery.

Latest Content
A clear ampule filled with liquid lying on ice.

The Challenges of Vaccine Transport and Storage

This article will explore some of the key challenges associated with vaccine storage and why this differs across different types of vaccines.
A man wearing glasses with black frames looks through a screen with a digital overlay.

Towards the Lab of the Future

In this article, we look at the barriers preventing more widespread adoption of automation and digitization, and the opportunities they could bring.
Different components of cells stained in varying colors. A scalebar in the top left corner can be seen.

Spatial Biology: The Next Revolution in Understanding Health and Disease

By combining single-cell analysis tools with imaging and microfluidics, spatial biology is adding a new layer of information and is set to transform biomedical science.

Faster Approaches to Vaccine Design

Download this listicle to learn more about the technologies that have advanced vaccine design including reverse vaccinology 2.0, comparative and subtractive genomics, immunoproteomics and immunopeptidomics, and computational approaches.

Approaches to Preventing Healthcare-Related Infections

This article will explore the problem of nosocomial infections, what causes them and what can be done to treat and prevent them.

Future Foods: Ensuring Sustainability of Our Global Food Supply

With the world’s population predicted to increase to 10 billion people by 2050, there is a pressing need to find more sustainable and healthy supplies of food. In this article, we highlight the latest research on developing foods for the future.

Advances in Spheroid and Organoid Engineering and Applications

In this article, we look at some recent advances and applications and where the field of three-dimensional tissue culture is heading.

Using Epidemiology in Virology: Experiences From COVID-19

We spoke to two researchers about how they use insights in epidemiology to answer key questions about existing and emerging viruses.

Five Advances in Fragment-Based Drug Discovery

Read this listicle to discover recent advancements in fragment-based screening including fragment tailoring, affinity mass spectrometry-based fragment screening and computational approaches using fragments.

Exploring the Immune System and Cancer

In this article, we look at two different approaches to optimizing immunotherapies.