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Image of Kate Kemsley, PhD

Kate Kemsley, PhD profile page

Professor of AI in Chemistry

 at University of East Anglia

Kate studied physics at Oxford University, and upon graduating worked as a Patent Examiner at the European Patent Office before moving into academia. Her PhD and early career at the UK's Institute of Food Research focused on quantitative applications of infrared sensors. This led to an interest in the emerging fields of chemometrics, computational statistics and machine learning, to handle the large ‘chemical profile’ datasets generated by modern analytical instruments (NMR, FTIR, Raman, GC-, LC-MS). Kate has published widely in the academic literature, in areas of application including adulteration of food, drinks and ingredients, human metabolomics studies and the identification of novel psychoactives. She recently joined the University of East Anglia as Professor of AI in Chemistry, and also holds the role of Scientific Director at Mestrelab SL.

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