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Katie Brighton

Scientific Copywriter

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Katie joined Technology Networks in January 2022 after completing a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a master’s by research degree in molecular and cellular biology, both at the University of Leeds. They loved the breadth of scientific content covered in their undergraduate studies and wanted to share their passion for research through science communication. As a scientific copywriter, Katie assembles newsletters, writes promotional webinar copy, supports the publication’s in-house writers and produces scientific content.

Latest Content

Who Was the Father of Modern Plastic Surgery?

In this article, we go back in history to find out more about Harold Gillies – the father of modern plastic surgeries – and the techniques he pioneered.
Industry Insight

A New Approach to T-Cell Therapy

In this interview with Bryan Kobel, CEO of TC Biopharm, we find out about gamma-delta T-cell therapy, including how it works, its applications and how TC Biopharm developed its pioneering gamma-delta treatment for acute myeloid leukemia.
Industry Insight

Exploring Flow Electroporation for Cell Engineering

Technology Networks spoke to Dr. Cenk Sumen, chief scientific officer of MaxCyte, about their pioneering cell engineering platform.
Industry Insight

Developing Therapeutics To Combat ALS

In this interview, we speak to Alon Ben-Noon, CEO and co-founder of Neurosense Therapeutics to hear about the impact their drug development strategy is having on the ALS field.
Industry Insight

Automation in the Lab of the Future

In a recent interview with Technology Networks, Mathew Keegan discusses how automation is already enhancing the lab experience, the challenges it faces and where it may head in the future.

Unpicking the Molecular Mechanisms Behind Age-Related Memory Loss

Technology Networks had the pleasure of speaking to Professor Ann Massie about her research into understanding how system xc - affects age-related memory loss.
Industry Insight

Extending the Reach of Psychedelic Therapy With Psychoplastogens

Delix Therapeutics is developing non-hallucinogenic psychedelics for use as at-home medications for mental health conditions. To find out more, we spoke to the CEO, Mark Rus.
Industry Insight

The Impact of Funding on Longevity Research

To find out more about how early-stage funding could improve longevity research, we had the pleasure of speaking to Garri Zmudze, executive director of the Longevity Science Foundation.

Re-Educating the Immune Response To Treat Type 1 Diabetes

CAR T-cell therapy is largely used to treat cancers, but here we explore how Dr. Leonardo Ferreira and his team are using CAR T-cell therapy to treat Type 1 diabetes.
Industry Insight

Treating C. diff Infection and More With Gut Microbiome Transplants

Technology Networks had the pleasure of speaking to Thomas Lendvay, CMO and co-founder of Tend about the current applications of gut microbiota transplants and how they could be used in future.