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Katie Brighton

Scientific Copywriter

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Katie joined Technology Networks in January 2022 after completing a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a master’s by research degree in molecular and cellular biology, both at the University of Leeds. They loved the breadth of scientific content covered in their undergraduate studies and wanted to share their passion for research through science communication. As a scientific copywriter, Katie assembles newsletters, writes promotional webinar copy, supports the publication’s in-house writers and produces scientific content.

Latest Content
Industry Insight

Identifying Risk Factors for Long COVID With Single-Cell Proteomics

In this interview we speak to Sean Mackay, CEO of IsoPlexis, to discuss how single-cell functional proteomics have helped researchers understand the risk factors behind long COVID.
Industry Insight

Developing Chicken-Free Egg Whites

Cellular agriculture could provide a more sustainable way to meet the demand for eggs. We spoke to Maija Itkonen, CEO of Onego Bio, to find out more about their chicken-free egg white.
Industry Insight

Driving Progress in Personalized Cancer Therapy

Personalized medicine has the potential to change the cancer patient's journey by predicting how they will respond to different treatments. Technology Networks spoke to Dr. Ofer Sharon, CEO of OncoHost, to find out more!
Industry Insight

Exploiting Bacteriophage as a Diagnostic Tool

Technology Networks spoke to Dr. Tomas Richardson from PBD Biotech, to hear more about how bacteriophage can be used to diagnose tuberculosis in both humans and cattle.
Industry Insight

The Genome in 3D – How Chromatin Conformation Impacts Gene Regulation

Three-dimensional interactions across the genome can impact gene expression, and understanding these interactions could offer new insights into oncogenic mechanisms.

Developing Plant-Based Vaccines and Therapeutics for COVID-19 and Beyond

In an interview with Technology Networks, Dr. Kathleen Hefferon highlighted how and why plant-derived vaccines are being designed to prevent diseases including Ebola, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Industry Insight

Targeting the Gut Microbiome To Understand Age-Related Cognitive Decline

In this interview, we speak to Dr. Antal Szalay, CEO of Ultimate Medicine, about how his company helped establish that a microbiome metabolite can cause age-related memory loss.
Industry Insight

Designing Antibody-Based Therapeutics for Autoimmune Disorders

Therapies are needed for patients with autoimmune disorders such as lupus. Technology Networks spoke to Cherie Ng, the senior director for research at Equillium, about how the first-in-class anti-CD6 therapy was designed.