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Linda Barney is the founder and owner of Barney and Associates, a technical/marketing writing, training and web design firm in Beaverton, OR.

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Using Supercomputers To Understand Biomolecular Properties

Discover how scientists at the University of Chicago are working to develop new technologies to simulate virtual models of biomolecular systems.


Aurora Exascale System To Advance Cosmology Research: Building the Universe in a Supercomputer

The study of the universe through the field of cosmology has exploded but there are still surprises in store and much to be discovered. This article provides insight on work that will be taking advantage of the next generation of supercomputers.

Before the Storm: How Supercomputers Can Provide Better Weather and Tornado Forecasts

Severe weather events like tornadoes can cause a huge volume of death and property damage, with little prior notice. Now, a team of researchers are the first to directly use radiance data from a new geostationary weather satellite to help improve the warning time given for tornadoes. This article discovers how their research is harnessing the power of supercomputers to help save lives and improve safety during extreme weather events.

Using Supercomputers to Predict Dispersal of Chemicals and Pollutants

Motivated by a deadly chemical attack in Syria, researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio are pursuing research that may help save lives during an airborne chemical attack. The team used the Stampede2 supercomputer and innovative computer simulation models to replicate the dispersion of the chemical gas released in the Syrian event, which may help improve evacuation speed during future attacks.