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Lucy Lawrence

Digital Content Producer

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Lucy is the Digital Content Producer for Technology Networks. She worked previously as a state-registered Biomedical Scientist at the Royal Derby Hospital where she began to communicate science for the popular press and has since covered many topical issues ranging from Coronavirus to Cannabis. She believes in the power of science to inspire, educate and entertain and at Technology Networks employs her wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to create a range of high-quality and engaging scientific content across a large variety of media outlets.

Latest Content

Cloud Basics for the Lab Manager With Brian Rivera

This Teach Me in 10 will explain how the Cloud supports laboratories, including how the Cloud can provide context to data, guiding better decisions at multiple levels.

Accelerating Life Science Discovery Using SWATH DIA Mass Spectrometry With Katherine Tran

Watch this Teach Me in 10 to discover the exciting technology behind advances in data-independent acquisition and explore how it can enhance your research.

Biomimicking the Brain Vasculature With a Microfluidic Chip With Ami Mehta

This Teach Me in 10 will explain how the human brain vasculature can be modeled using new, microfluidic organ-on-a-chip technology.

Accelerating the Lab of the Future with Automation

In this incredible episode of Opinionated Science, we will discuss the exciting concept of the Lab Of the Future with senior manager of product management at Thermo Fisher Scientific Dean Mulyk.

Organoid Culture Made Easy With Hilary Sherman

This Teach Me in 10 will cover best practices to consider for organoid work, as well as how to use Corning Matrigel matrix and other products to support organoid models in research.

Opinionated Science x Extraordinary Grace: Growing a Culture of Opportunity in STEM

In this episode of Opinionated Science, Lucy Lawrence is joined by Farzana Azam who heads up Ideation at SCIEX as part of the Strategy and Innovation team to discuss the power of building a culture of opportunity in STEM fields.

Determination of Cationic Polar Pesticides in Cereals With Terri Christison

In this Teach me in 10 episode we are joined by Terri Christison to learn how to:
1. Keep our foods safe from harmful chemicals
2. Solve separation, detection and quantitation problems for highly polar cationic pesticides
3. Expand your horizons in the analytical sciences

Using the SomaSignal® Tests for Pre-Analytical Variation Assessments With Joe Gogain

In this Teach Me in 10 episode, Joe Gogain, director of clinical research and development at SomaLogic, will be discussing SomaSignal™ Tests.

Opinionated Science x Extraordinary Grace: Using Mentoring As a Catalyst Within STEM

In this episode, voices of change, Arpana Vaniya, PhD and Maryam Goudarzi, PhD, join Lucy Lawrence to discuss how we can achieve gender equity and more diversity in STEM disciplines through mastering outreach and mentorship.


The Microplastic Emergency With Professor Éva Valsami-Jones

In this episode of Opinionated Science, Lucy Lawrence and Professor Éva Valsami-Jones take a deep dive into the global microplastic emergency and discuss how micro and nano plastics are infiltrating life as we know it.