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A picture of Marc Rogers, PhD

Marc Rogers, PhD profile page

Founding Director, Albion Drug Discovery Services

Marc is a trained neuroscientist with 30 years of experience using patch clamp and imaging techniques to study ion channel function and modulation, firstly in several international universities in Australasia and the US and then during 15 years of commercial drug discovery on both sides of the Atlantic. He was an early adopter of automated patch clamp platforms for ion channel screening and has an excellent knowledge of this market and extensive connections with users and vendors. Marc has developed an extensive network of contacts in the UK, Europe and the US through his outsourcing activities and presentations at international ion channel drug discovery conferences. In the UK he co-founded several ion channel companies, starting with the virtual biotech Inovion Pharma that focused on therapies for rare disease channelopathies, then as the founding director of the ion channel CRO Metrion Biosciences, before setting up his consultancy company Albion Drug Discovery Services several years ago. Marc has also embraced science communication to share his passion for all things ion channel through regular blogs and articles on LinkedIn in his guise as the Channelogist.

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