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Image of Nina Möker, PhD

Nina Möker, PhD

R&D Reagents Manager – Allogeneic Cellular Immunotherapy, Miltenyi Biotec

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Nina Möker, PhD, is a R&D Reagents Manager for the development of allogeneic cell therapy for cancer at Miltenyi Biotec in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. She is leading an innovative team with the focus of developing the comprehensive solution package for the manufacturing and analytics of engineered NK cells. For the past five years she has been working together with the Miltenyi clinical production and clinical development teams to overcome the challenges of manufacturing NK cells with high functionality in a GMP-compliant and feeder cell–free system. Prior to joining Miltenyi Biotec and dedicating herself to allogeneic cell therapy, Nina has gained strong experience in big and medium-sized pharma focusing on antibody- and small molecule-based drug discovery.