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A picture of Romina Durigon PhD

Romina Durigon PhD profile page

Senior Field Application Scientist

 at Sphere Fluidics

Romina Durigon, Ph.D. recently joined Sphere Fluidics as Senior Field Application Scientist. She has worked as a scientist for more than 15 years, investigating the role of metabolism in diseases and during development. After earning her MSc in Physiology and Pathology from The University of Trieste (Italy), she obtained a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from The University of Manchester (UK), in which she focused on cytosolic redox balance for mitochondrial biogenesis. She went to the National Institute of Medical Research, now part of the Francis Crick Institute in London, to complete a postdoctoral fellowship investigating the role of mitochondrial dysfunction and cellular metabolism in rare diseases. She discovered a ketone bodies-based treatment for the rare Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome and published her results in many peer-reviewed journals. Fascinated by the role of mitochondria in ageing, she continued to investigate the mitochondrial function in epigenetic aging.

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