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Ruairi J Mackenzie

Senior Science Writer

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Ruairi started with Technology Networks in January 2018 after completing an undergraduate degree in neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh and a master’s degree in clinical neuroscience from the University of Cambridge. As senior science writer, Ruairi covers a range of scientific news and articles, with a focus on the complexities and curiosities of the brain. Ruairi also looks after search engine optimization (SEO) efforts on Technology Networks and created the site’s podcast, Opinionated Science, in 2020.

Latest Content
Industry Insight

Is Iceland the Future of Cheaper, Greener Supercomputing?

We talked to Spencer Lamb, Verne Global’s Director of Research, to find out more about why Iceland could be a cheap, green solution for the data demands of modern research.

Are Carbon Nanotubes a New Asbestos?

Used in myriad applications and showered with praise by researchers, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are hailed as a "wonder material" for materials science. This lofty position may be jeopardized by a new study that shows CNTs can induce the fatal cancer mesothelioma in the same way as asbestos.

Averting the Antibiotic Resistance Apocalypse

Drug-resistant bacteria are often seen as an inevitability but new research shows how science is fighting back.

Cloud-Based Informatics: A Revolution for Research

Modern-day research produces a vast amount of information. The cloud provides a solution for those drowning in this data deluge, and this infographic reviews how cloud-based solutions work and how they can benefit your research.

Industry Insight

Improving Data Handling and Reliability with Lab Automation

We caught up with Malcolm Crook, Director at PAA, to discuss how automation can benefit pharmaceutical and biotech research and their latest offerings at SLAS2018.
Industry Insight

Harnessing Big Data in the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer

We recently spoke to Dr Samuel L. Volchenboum to learn more about his current research within the areas of pediatric cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. He discusses current challenges of harnessing data and informatics, and strategies for optimizing data to enhance the impact of research.
Industry Insight

Targeting Your Best Clinical Candidate With Self Guided Data Discovery and Analysis

We spoke with Daniel Weaver, Senior Product Manager for PerkinElmer, to find out more about their new platform PerkinElmer Signals™ Lead Discovery (SLD).
Industry Insight

The Many Silver Linings of Cloud-Based Data Analytics

We talk with Riffyn's CEO, Timothy Gardner, on cloud-based data analytics' role in improving discovery, reproducibility, and scalability in life sciences research.

CRISPR's New CAMERA is a Cellular Data Recorder

CAMERA, a CRISPR-based cell recording system, could provide science with a whole new level of detail into cellular events.
Industry Insight

Twist Introduces Double-Stranded DNA Probes in a First for Exome Sequencing

We talked to Dr. Emily Leproust, CEO of Twist Bioscience, about her company's innovative offerings at the recent Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Conference (AGBT).