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Tiffany Quinn

Custom Content Manager

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After obtaining a bachelors in neuroscience from the University of Leeds, Tiffany joined Technology Networks to pursue a career in science communication as a custom content producer. She has helped grow the company’s custom content services through creating high-quality and engaging content for client’s target audiences. As the Content Manager for Technology Networks and their sister publication, Analytical Cannabis, Tiffany now works closely with the custom content and graphics teams to oversee the creation of all custom projects.

Latest Content

Opinionated Science Episode 15: COVID-19 and the Brain: Investigating the “Silent Wave”

On this episode, the team will discuss how the SARS-CoV-2 virus affects our brain. This podcast will untangle the disparate effects involved, covering everything from a subdued sense of smell to serious brain inflammation and damage.

TSE Explores Drug Discovery – The Future of Drug Discovery: AI, Automation and Beyond

In this episode we speak with Pieter Peeters, Leader of High Dimensional Biology and Discovery Data Sciences Group at Janssen Research & Development, who tells us more about the evolution of artificial intelligence, and how it can be used to discover and develop new drugs.

Opinionated Science Episode 6: COVID-19: Repurposing Drugs, Hydroxychloroquine and Clinical Trials

In this episode, the Technology Networks team discusses drug treatments to combat SARS-CoV-2. These drugs, like the anti-malarial hydroxychloroquine, have often been repurposed for the task, and evidence for their efficacy remains patchy. Why do researchers turn to these medications and how will the field of drug development be changed by the COVID-19 pandemic?

TSE Explores Drug Discovery – Testing a Drug Compound: Clinical Trials

In this episode we speak with Dr Stephen Wright, Consultant in Medicines Development from Limber Strategic, who talks to us about the clinical development of a drug, including how clinical trials are designed and the role of regulatory authorities in the process.

TSE Explores Drug Discovery – Identifying and Optimizing a Promising Drug

In this episode we speak with Professor Paul Brennan from the University of Oxford about lead optimization, what to consider when designing a new drug, and much more.

Opinionated Science Episode 5: The Placebo Effect: Phantom Surgery, Alternative Medicine and the Big Bad Nocebo

In this episode, the Technology Networks team investigates the placebo effect. Why have placebo treatments become more effective at treating patients in the last few decades (but only in the USA) and what do powerful placebos mean for clinical trials?

TSE Explores Drug Discovery – How Are Drugs Developed?

In this episode, we speak with Tomasz Kostrzewski, Director of Biology at CN Bio about how drugs are developed, including the challenges faced when designing and developing a drug, how drug discovery has evolved, and what trends we can expect to see in the future.

Reducing Plastic in the Lab

In honor of Earth Day 2020, we have created this infographic which shares some useful tips for reducing the plastic footprint of your lab.

The Birth of Change

Download this infographic to discover six ways that parents can be supported in STEM careers.

The Visible Hero: Breaking Down Barriers

Download this infographic to learn the impact of unconscious gender bias on women in STEM and the global schemes that are celebrating female scientists.