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Xandrina Allday

Social Media Specialist

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Xandrina started her career with a degree in Events Management with a focus on marketing. She quickly realized that marketing was the direction she wanted to follow, which lead to her interest and passion with social media. With seven years of marketing experience, Xandrina has brought her skills to bear looking after Technology Networks’ social media channels since joining in the summer of 2017.

Latest Content

Opinionated Science Episode 22: Nano-sized Waste Causing Macro-sized Problems

In this episode, the team is joined by Ariel Bohman, an application scientist at Perkin Elmer. They discuss the different types of microplastics and how they are affecting everything from the food we eat to the corals in our oceans.

Endangered Species Day: Mapping Out a Global Struggle

The effects of climate change and human activity on the planet are more evident than ever before. This article aims to raise awareness of endangered species and highlight what can be done to help.

Dr. Lina R. Nih Discusses Her Novel Approach to Brain Vasculature Regeneration

Xandrina and Adam speak with Dr. Lina Nih to find out about her novel hydrogel approach to brain tissue repair following Stroke

An Expert Insight Into the Issue of Microplastics

We spoke to Dr Andrew Mayes Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia, about the growing problem of microplastics, their source, impact and what can be done in the future.

Learning About Parkinson's Research with Dr. Nicole Polinski

In this excerpt from the weekly Neuro Show, Adam and Xandrina interview Dr. Nicole Polinski from the Michael J. Fox Foundation to learn about the current state of Parkinson's Disease (PD) research.

Dr. Shahid Zaman Discusses Dementia in Down's Syndrome

NNR's Xandrina and Adam ask expert, Dr. Shahid Zaman, consultant psychiatrist at the University of Cambridge, about his research into dementia development in people with Down's Syndrome.