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Industry Insight

OPC UA for Sample Process Automation – Improving Data Harmonization for Biobanks and Cell and Gene Therapies

Technology Networks had the pleasure of talking to Wilfredo Marín to learn more about OPC UA and how it is suited to biobanking and cell and gene therapy development.
Industry Insight

Shielding Oncolytic Viruses From the Immune System To Improve Cancer Treatment

While oncolytic virus (OV) therapy has garnered increasing attention from the cancer research community, this therapeutic strategy doesn’t come without its challenges, as a patient’s immune system can sometimes mount a response to the OVs before they reach their intended target. To address this, Calidi Biotherapeutics has developed cell-based platforms to shield OVs from the immune system, so that they can effectively target and destroy the cancer cells.
Industry Insight

Optimizing Electroporation for Cell Therapy Development

Technology Networks had the pleasure of speaking with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Don Paul Kovarcik, to learn more about the benefits and limitations of electroporation and key factors affecting electroporation performance.
Industry Insight

Leveraging the T-Cell Response to Epstein-Barr Virus To Treat Life-Threatening Diseases

Technology Networks recently spoke with Jakob Dupont, head of global research & development at Atara Bio, to learn more about the company’s novel allogeneic EBV T-cell platform and discover how it’s enabling a differentiated approach to allogeneic cell therapy.
Industry Insight

Reinventing Neuroscience Drug Discovery

Technology Networks had the pleasure of speaking with Saul Kato, the CEO of Herophilus, to learn more about how the company plans to reinvent neuro drug discovery, by combining human brain models, scaled biology and machine learning to decode brain disease.
Industry Insight

Creating “Crave-Worthy” Plant-Based Foods

Technology Networks spoke to Stefan Baier, head of food science at Motif FoodWorks, to learn more about the exclusive access to transformative plant-based food technologies the company has recently been granted. He also highlights the role plant-based foods play in protecting the environment and the importance of flavor and texture when developing plant-based foods.