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Latest How To Guides

Successful Cell and Gene Therapy
How To Guide

Exploring Successful Cell and Gene Therapy Development

Cell and gene therapies and regenerative medicines (CGT&RMs) offer remarkable biotherapeutic promise. However, developing and manufacturing CGT&RMs is no easy task, particularly when choosing how and where to deliver the production of a therapeutic.
How To Guide

Harness the Power of 3D Cell Model Imaging

This guide explores how researchers can make the most of the latest 3D imaging tools to generate high-quality, relevant results from their cell culture experiments.
How To Guide

A Guide to Cell Signaling in Cancer Development and Progression

This guide highlights some of the key pathways that are commonly dysregulated in cancer. It also explores how dysregulation can lead to pathogenesis with examples across a broad range of cell and tissue types.
guide to magnetic beads
How To Guide

Your Guide to Magnetic Beads

While magnetic beads provide a faster and easier solution than more complex, conventional methods, sometimes off-the-shelf solutions do not always offer the specificity or binding capacity required.
biotherapeutic journey
How To Guide

Five Tips on Navigating Your Biotherapeutic Journey

It is expected that within four to five years, biologics will comprise over half of the 100 top selling drugs on the market. However, the high cost and complexity of biotherapeutic development, as well as a dynamic regulatory landscape, still poses challenges to drug developers.
Two scientists working in a lab.
How To Guide

How To Optimize Your Electroporation

Electroporation has transformed the way in which scientists work, allowing the delivery of genetic material, proteins and drugs. Download this guide to discover tips on preparing your samples and selecting your parameters.
Protein Purification Strategies
How To Guide

The Latest Strategies for Protein Purification

This handbook presents the key aspects of chromatographic protein purification workflows. It provides practical insights for users, including tips to overcome common issues and ensure optimal yield from every run.
A System Management Guide to Protein Purification Chromatography
How To Guide

A Guide to Automated Protein Purification Systems

This handbook presents essential aspects of liquid chromatography systems and provides practical insights for users, including tips to overcome common issues and ensure successful protein purification workflows.
Lithium-ion batteries
How To Guide

Choose the Right Instrument for Your Battery Analysis

This guide highlights robust and comprehensive testing solutions to unlock the potential of lithium-ion batteries and accelerate battery development.
How To Guide

Overcome Roadblocks to PROTAC Characterization

This guide highlights how an innovative, plate-based, and automation-ready affinity screening solution helps you overcome roadblocks in your PROTAC characterization projects.