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Latest Infographics

Sustainability and Affordability

Sustainable Alternatives for Acquiring the Latest Technologies

Does your lab have sustainability goals in place? 85% of labs already do. Agilent can help you reach these goals by keeping useful equipment out of landfills, while maximizing your lab productivity.
Lateral Flow Tests on iPad Screen

How To Troubleshoot Lateral Flow Tests

From challenges with cross-reactivities to issues with inconsistent results, these problems are well-known and proven techniques exist to address and troubleshoot them.
Nucleic acid tubes on a laptop screen

Your Guide to Mastering Magnetic Bead Characteristics

This infographic deciphers how each characteristic influences magnetic bead separation and explores strategies to achieve optimal performance.
Synthetic Biology in Medicine infographic snippet

Synthetic Biology in Medicine

Download this infographic to learn about medical applications for synthetic biology, such as diagnostics and biosensors, cell therapy and precision medicine, and synthetic bacterial therapeutics.
Metabolomics Infographic

Navigate Your Way to Precise and Scalable Untargeted Metabolomics

This infographic explores a cutting-edge technology that overcomes these challenges and access previously unreachable metabolomic information. Built on top of a first-of-its-kind Large Spectral Model (LSM), this revolutionary platform allows researchers to achieve untargeted absolute quantitative metabolomic results directly from raw spectra.
Snippet of the cell culture quality control infographic.

Cell Culture Quality Control

Download this infographic to explore why quality control is key, the importance of cell line authenticity and how to reduce the risk of microbial contamination.
Heavy Metal Analysis In Food infographic snippet

Heavy Metals Analysis in Food

Download this infographic to explore the health detriments caused by the "big four" heavy metals, which foods are prone to contamination and how to test for heavy metals.
A snippet of the Fundamentals of GS-MS infographic

The Fundamentals of GC-MS

This infographic will outline the general principles of GC-MS, including a comparison of common mass analyzers used in GC-MS and GC-MS/MS systems.
Microplastics infographic teaser


Detecting and reducing the spread of microplastics is vital. Download this infographic to learn more about the key sources of microplastic pollution, current and emerging detection techniques, and regulatory action to combat this emerging pollutant.
Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Rewriting the Book on Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

With the ability to analyze a range of polar and non-polar molecules, and easily transferable expertise and equipment, it's time to rethink SFC, and discover the advantages of supercritical CO2.