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Latest Infographics

Visualizing Big Data content piece image

Visualizing Big Data

There is more data around than ever before. Arguably too much. This rise of Big Data has required a lot of changes in how we acquire and analyze data. But it has also forced us to improve how we visualize data. In this infographic we look at the scale of Big Data, and how we can use innovative graphics and even virtual reality to put it in perspective.
Organoids – Revolutionizing the Study of Human Development and Disease content piece image

Organoids – Revolutionizing the Study of Human Development and Disease

Often referred to as “mini-organs”, organoids are tiny self-organizing 3D assemblies of cells which show some physiological features of a specific organ. As an intermediate between traditional 2D in vitro cell cultures and animal models, organoids are a useful tool for several applications.
UK Indoor Air Pollution content piece image

UK Indoor Air Pollution

From car exhausts to building construction, from city-wide clouds of pollution to colossal power plants with billowing masses of smog, it can be easy to think of air pollution as something you leave outside when you walk indoors - but homes can have their own air quality issues.
Bacterial Culture content piece image

Bacterial Culture

There are lots of reasons to culture bacteria, many sources from which to culture them and diverse species with equally diverse growth requirements – some pickier than others. To give yourself a fighting chance at successful bacterial culture it is therefore vital to pick the correct culture conditions for your purpose and avoid contamination by using good aseptic technique.
The Future of Food content piece image

The Future of Food

Download this infographic to discover more about current food issues, trends and testing.
What's in Your Food? content piece image

What's in Your Food?

Download this infographic to find out more about what's in your food and the scientific communities responsible for developing food standards.
Mapping the World With Food content piece image

Mapping the World With Food

Download this infographic to discover the importance of being aware of how foods are produced, as well as the role of food regulations and standards.
Mass Spectrometry in Neuroscience content piece image

Mass Spectrometry in Neuroscience

For proteomics researchers, work is almost impossible without mass spectrometry (MS). Neuroscience, however, has largely got by without dipping its toe into the pool of analytical chemistry. With the advent of faster, smarter MS tools, those days may be numbered, as MS-based techniques become an invaluable resource for studying the brain.
Automating Drug Discovery content piece image

Automating Drug Discovery

The pharmaceutical industry is facing pressures to optimize the drug discovery phase of the drug development pipeline. One approach to doing this is by adopting automation. Download this infographic to learn more about the benefits of an automated drug discovery laboratory.
DIA Vs DDA in Proteomics content piece image

DIA Vs DDA in Proteomics

Download this infographic to learn more about LC-MS/MS, the processes involved in an experiment using a DIA approach and how DIA produces a higher number of quantified proteins in a shorter analysis period than DDA.