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Scientists Share Their Worst Work-Related Injuries and… Ouch

Scientists Share Their Worst Work-Related Injuries and… Ouch content piece image

Sharp objects, toxic chemicals and infectious bacteria – just a few of the hazards that scientists work with on a daily basis… what on earth could go wrong? Scientists recently took to Twitter to share tales of their worst work-related injuries and mishaps – here is a selection that stood out.

1. We start off strong with ground bees AND amoeba

2. Worth it for all those sweet, sweet citations

3. The main injury here is the – quite literally – painful irony

4. In case you didn’t know, the purlicue is the bit of your hand in between your forefinger and thumb

5. Turns out butterfish are more dangerous than they sound

6. Is it bad that we chuckled at this one?

7. One word – ouch

8. I think we can all agree that this is just downright bad luck

9. They do say never work with animals

10. Finally, always beware of microtomes