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Smoke clouds coming from factory chimneys into the sky.

Novel Membrane Design Enhances CO2 Removal from Air

A new ambient-energy-driven membrane that pumps carbon dioxide out of the air has been developed by Newcastle University researchers.
An outline of a beaker made up of plants.

Innovative Electric Catalyst Transforms Carbon Dioxide into Sustainable Fuel

The study's findings offer a new way to improve materials across a wide field, despite there still being a lot to learn about how molecules work.
A man holds a tape measure around his stomach.

Brain Changes Caused by Obesity Result in a Low Sperm Count

Obesity causes chronic changes in the brain, leading to testosterone dysregulation and a reduced sperm count a new study in mice has found.
A burger with chips and a cup of sauce.

Western Diets Pose Greater Risk of Cancer and Irritable Bowel Disease

Western diets pose a greater risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and colorectal cancer, according to a milestone review of what people eat around the world.
A scientist.

New Nano-Scale Materials Mimic Enzymes To Convert CO2 Into Chemical Building Blocks

A recent paper marks a step forward in the quest for what researchers call a “holy grail” of chemistry: converting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into chemical building blocks which could be used to create myriad other materials.
A pregnant woman holds her belly.

Maternal Zika Virus Infections Reprogram Fetal Immune Development

Maternal Zika virus infections can reprogram fetal immune development, leading to long-term consequences in children’s immunity, a new study has shown.

Scientists Shed Light on How Viruses Ensure Their Survival

New research from Rice University scientists is shedding light on how viruses ensure their survival by precisely timing the release of new viruses. The discovery offers a new theoretical framework for understanding these dynamic biological phenomena.
Double helix structure of DNA.

Novel Protein Found To Inhibit Activity of CRISPR-Cas System

Researchers discovered novel anti-CRISPR protein called AcrIF25, which inhibits the activity of the CRISPR-Cas system by dismantling the I-F type CRISPR-Cas complex (Csy complex), providing a new approach for precise control of the CRISPR-Cas system.
A person in a blue jumper holding a blister pack of yellow pills.

New Insights into Antihistamine Binding Could Lead to More Effective Treatments

A new study has illustrated the different binding kinetics of isomers of doxepin, an antihistamine, which could lead to better treatments.
Scanning electron micrograph of Salmonella Typhimurium invading a human epithelial cell.

Retail Chicken Meat Contains an Increasing Number of Antimicrobial Resistant Salmonella Serovars

Salmonella infections are a major public health issue in the United States, causing over 1.3 million illnesses annually. These infections are a leading cause of foodborne illness, often traced back to raw or undercooked poultry meat and eggs.