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A woman holding her stomach in pain, sitting on a bed.

Antimalarial Compounds Show Promise in Treating PCOS

PCOS affects 10–13% of women worldwide. A new study, published in Science, investigates the therapeutic potential of antimalarial compounds for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).
Double helix structure of DNA.

Which of the Two DNA Strands Is Damaged Influences Cancer Mutation Patterns

Cancer genomes are the result of diverse mutation processes that have often accumulated over decades. Scientists have analyzed the molecular evolution of tumors after exposure to mutagenic chemicals.
Three T cells surround a cancer cell

Secondary Cancer Risk Low Following CAR T-Cell Therapy, Study Finds

New research illustrates that the risk of secondary cancers following CAR T-cell therapy is low.
Smoke coming from factory chimneys.

Mobile Monitoring for an Airborne Carcinogen in Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley”

Researchers reporting in ACS’ Environmental Science & Technology measured concerning levels of ethylene oxide in Louisiana’s southeastern corridor with mobile optical instruments, a technique they say could improve health risk assessments.
A robot arm.

Flexible Piezoelectric Sensors for Both Humans and Robots

Existing designs of flexible piezoelectric sensors are either are costly or have limited sensitivity. Researchers tackled these issues by developing a novel piezoelectric composite material.
Teal and white pill capsules on a pink background.

Study Reveals Metformin’s Potential Role in Slowing Colorectal Cancer Growth

Researchers have analyzed how an antidiabetic treatment could help control the growth of tumors, potentially paving the way for the design of better cancer treatments.
Tumor microenvironment.

“Unexpected” Kidney Cancer Drug Resistance Mechanism Uncovered

For nearly two decades, how kidney cancer becomes resistant to rapalog drugs has baffled the scientific community. Now a study by researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Kidney Cancer Program sheds light
Metal cogs in a fire.

Predictive Tool Designs New Metal Alloys for Withstanding Extreme Heat

Researchers have combined atomic-scale experiments with theory to create a tool to predict how high-entropy alloys will behave under high-temperature oxidative environments.
Present-day traders and travelers in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal.

Ancient Genomes Reveal the Origin and Spread of Malaria

In a new study, an international team of researchers, reconstructed the evolutionary history and global spread of malaria over the past 5,500 years, identifying trade, warfare, and colonialism as major catalysts for its dispersal.
An infant sleeping.

Early Temperature Exposure Linked to Brain White Matter Development

New study underscores the vulnerability of foetuses and children to cold and heat, and the need to protect the most vulnerable communities from the effects of climate change.