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A babies feet.

Early Brain Scans for Babies Mitigate Stroke Risk in Adulthood

Non-invasive brain scans for children under the age of one could identify risk factors and reduce the potential for stroke later in life, say researchers at the University of South Australia.
Immunotherapy attacking a cancer cell.

Unlocking Cancer’s Turbo Metabolism

When cells become tumor cells, their metabolism changes fundamentally. Researchers at the University of Basel and the University Hospital Basel have demonstrated that this change leaves traces that could provide targets for cancer immunotherapies.
A cocoa fruit cut open in half.

Producing More Sustainable and Nutritious Chocolate

Researchers at ETH Zurich have teamed up with the food industry to produce a whole-​fruit variety of chocolate. This helps increase the value creation of cocoa farming – and is healthier.
A purple human brain.

Ketamine’s Molecular Action on Brain Network Function

New research addresses a gap in understanding how ketamine’s impact on individual neurons leads to pervasive and profound changes in brain network function.
Matcha tea and accessories.

Matcha Mouthwash Combats Periodontitis With Green Tea Extract

Periodontitis is linked to tooth loss and other health concerns. A clinical trial showed that matcha mouthwash inhibited P. gingivalis populations in saliva.
Keto diet food from above.

Keto Diet May Age Organs

Following their findings from mouse experiments, researchers have encouraged humans following the ketogenic diet to take intermittent breaks.
A bee covered in pollen approaches a flower.

Climate Change Has Decreased Pollen Diversity

Climate change has led to decreased pollen production from plants and reduced pollen diversity, affecting the availability of critical food sources for insect pollinators.
A close up of a foot.

Benign Nail Condition Linked to Disorder That Increases Cancer Risk

Scientists have discovered that the presence of a benign nail abnormality may lead to the diagnosis of a rare inherited disorder that increases the risk of developing cancerous tumors.
Cancer cells.

Mouse Study Explores Why Glioblastoma Treatment May Work Better in the Morning

Glioblastoma is an aggressive brain cancer that has no cure. A recent chart study of patients with glioblastoma found that taking chemotherapy in the morning was associated with a three- to six-month increase in median survival.
Someone holding a new born baby in their hands.

Multiple Bacteria Species Associated With Pre-Term Birth Can Coexist in the Same Microbiome

Researchers from North Carolina State University have found that multiple species of Gardnerella, bacteria sometimes associated with bacterial vaginosis (BV) and pre-term birth, can coexist in the same vaginal microbiome.