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A row of tampons on a blue background.

Tampons Found to Contain Toxic Metals in World First Study

A new study has detected toxic metals in tampons from 14 different brands. Published in Environment International, this research is the first to measure metal concentrations in tampons.
A woman sleeping in a bed.

Harvard-Led Research Suggests Bright Light Enhances Mood by Regulating Sleep

Why might more time in the sun boost a person’s mood? A new study led by investigators at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital suggests that sleep may hold the key.
Protein structure.

Discovery of Hidden Proteins Could Revolutionize Metabolomics Experiments

Van Andel Institute scientists have identified more than 1,000 previously undetected proteins in common metabolite samples, which persist despite extraction methods designed to weed them out.
A Bdelloid rotifer under a microscope.

Tiny Animals' Stolen Antibiotic Recipes Could Lead to New Human Medicines

A group of small, freshwater animals protect themselves from infections using antibiotic recipes “stolen” from bacteria, according to new research. The tiny creatures are called bdelloid rotifers, which means "crawling wheel-animals."
A woman holds her stomach.

Women With Endometriosis Are 10 Times More Likely To Develop Ovarian Cancer

Women with severe endometriosis are 10 times more likely to get ovarian cancer, reports a landmark study.
Structure of the experimental compound.

Researchers Identify New Strategy for Designing Safer Opioids

In a study, researchers have identified a strategy to design safer opioids. They showed that an experimental opioid, which binds to an unconventional spot in the receptor, suppresses pain in animal models with fewer side effects.
an electrical heater structure.

New Technique Pinpoints Nanoscale “Hot Spots” in Electronics To Improve Their Longevity

Borrowing methods from biological imaging, Rochester engineers have developed a way to spot tiny, overheated components that cause electronics’ performance to degrade.
Stands of DNA with green coding overlay.

Genome Recording Strategy Enables Cells To Keep a History of Past Events

A new genome recording strategy aims to turn cells into their own historians, by storing information about transient biological events inside living cells.
Psychedelic pattern.

Psychedelic Trips From Psilocybin a Result of Disruptions to the Brain Network

In a new study, researchers report that psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, temporarily scrambles a critical network of brain areas involved in introspective thinking such as daydreaming and remembering.
A hand hold four small plants in soil.

This "Smart" Soil Can Water and Feed Itself

A newly engineered type of soil can capture water out of thin air to keep plants hydrated and manage controlled release of fertilizer for a constant supply of nutrients.