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A sea lamprey with its suction cup mouth and razor-sharp teeth.

Sea Lampreys Rewrite Our Understanding of Vertebrate Brain Evolution

A new study from the Krumlauf laboratory shows that the hindbrain of humans and jawless sea lamprey is built using a similar molecular and genetic toolkit. This discovery implies that these molecular features were present in the common ancestor of all vertebrates today.
Doctor holding a clipboard.

Magnolia Berry Compound Shows Promise for Colon Cancer in Preclinical Models

A new study has discovered a naturally occurring compound found in a fruit has the potential to be an effective alternative treatment for colon cancer.
Cancer cells.

A New Approach To Target and Destroy Leukemia Stem Cells

Scientists at City of Hope, one of the largest cancer research and treatment organizations in the United States, have devised an innovative approach to target and destroy hard-to-kill leukemia stem cells.
Coral with fish above.

Sea Cucumbers Keep Coral Healthy

Researchers have discovered a crucial missing element that plays a profound role in keeping coral healthy — an animal of overlooked importance known as a sea cucumber.
A capsule split in two with metal molecules spilling out of it.

Platform Developed To Enhance Drug Discovery

In a new study, researchers describe the development of a new technological platform that will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of drug discovery related to a large family of important pharmacological targets.
The edge of an iceberg in the ocean.

Antarctica Began Thinning in the 1940s

New research has revealed that the Thwaites and Pine Island glaciers in Antarctica have been thinning and retreating since the 1940s.
A man and his dog.

Human and Canine Meningiomas Are Genetically Similar

Researchers have discovered genetic similarities between common brain tumors in humans and dogs, opening the door for collaborations between human and animal medicine.
 a cross-section of the active layers in the thin-film solar cell, with a total thickness of no more than 3 micrometres.

Researchers Set New World Record for CIGS Solar Cell Efficiency

Uppsala University is the new world record holder for electrical energy generation from CIGS solar cells. The new world record is 23.64 per cent efficiency.
A scientist in a lab coat places a sample under a screen.

Researchers Hack 3D Printer To Fabricate Components for Bioelectronics

Hacking a 3D printer has boosted the speed of innovation in bioelectronics, as researchers report a simple way to fabricate electrochemical transistors for bioelectronics.
A woman sleeping.

Relaxing Words Can Slow the Heart Rate Down During Sleep

This discovery reveals that the sleeping body also reacts to the external world during sleep, explaining how some information from the sensory environment can affect sleep quality.