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A speech bubble on a grey background.

How Science Can Choose Less Stigmatizing Language

Word choice matters—a lot— when it comes to research. That's the conclusion of a new study that analyzed HIV-related stigmatizing language published in scientific literature from 2010 to 2020.
Human torso with organs and bones visible.

“Jumping Genes” Alter Human Colon Genomes

According to a study, "jumping genes" can become activated and disrupt genomic functions throughout an individual's lifetime, particularly in the colorectal epithelium.
A pair of chopsticks being used to lift up a clump of natto from a bowl on a wooden table.

Eating Natto May Help Us "Destress"

Health is wealth as the saying goes and new research now shows that it is possible to have a healthy, less stressed society through familiar and inexpensive foods, natto.
Black and dark orange lines track across a light orange background.

Blood Vessel Tracking Could Aid Brain Disease Detection

Tracking the blood vessels in the retina as part of a routine eye exam could enable early detection of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
People stand in from of a map of brain cells.

This Is What Happens in the Brain During Blood Sugar Changes

Researchers at The University of Texas at El Paso have successfully mapped specific regions in the brain that are activated in association with changes in blood sugar.
Person's hands holding a ball of mozzarella.

Aflatoxins Found in Brazilian Curd Cheese and Mozzarella

The technology used to produce milk and cheese is unable to guarantee the total absence of aflatoxins, a class of toxic compounds that are produced by certain molds found in food, as demonstrated by research performed in several countries.
Transmission electron microscopic image of a Listeria sp. bacterium.

Digital Twins Used To Predict and Prevent Listeria Outbreaks

Researchers are using a “digital twin” of two fresh-cut produce facilities to identify the optimal times and locations to look for the presence of Listeria monocytogenes and therefore prevent food contamination.
Gold cell-like shapes and connections in the shape of a brain.

Brain Maps Could Be Constructed From Scans Using AI

A collaborative research community is bringing together computer scientists and neuroscientists to construct accurate brain maps from brain scans, with the help of AI.
A man holding a slap of coal up to the camera.

Coal May Hold the Answer to Clean Hydrogen

A team of scientists found that coal may represent a potential way to store hydrogen gas, much like batteries store energy for future use, addressing a major hurdle in developing a clean energy supply chain.
Tumor cell-derived EVPs under a fluorescent microscope.

Cancers in Far-Off Organs Can Alter Liver Function

Cancers often release molecules into the bloodstream that pathologically alter the liver, shifting it to an inflammatory state, causing fat buildup and impairing its normal detoxifying functions.