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Rocky mountains in the background with a lake and tree-covered island in the foreground.

Materials Around Us Are Defined by Water Molecules

A study upends the paradigm that the atoms and molecules that make up the natural world define the character of solid matter, and argues that the character of many biological materials is actually created by the water that permeates these materials.
Red and yellow spheres forming a matrix.

Novel Resin Enables Generation and Purification of Radium and Actinium for Cancer Therapeutics

Zirconium-based materials have been shown to effectively separate radium and actinium, which could enable the large-scale production of radioisotopes for cancer therapy.
Amblyomma sculptum ticks in a glass dish.

Spotted Fever-Related Protein Identified as Potential Vaccine Target

Research has identified a protein, found in the main vector of the bacterium that causes Brazilian spotted fever, that is essential to the vector's survival, making it a promising target for vaccine development.
An individual drawing on a whiteboard.

The Brain's Immune Cells Can Drive Anxiety

Scientists discovered insights into the importance of a minor cell type in the brain—microglia—in controlling anxiety-related behaviors in laboratory mice.
Gray virus particles on a blue background.

Long COVID Linked to Ongoing Brain Inflammation

In a new study, researchers have linked long COVID with ongoing brain inflammation, as well as depressive and cognitive symptoms.
Levels of mercury from power plants across the US.

Mercury Air Pollution Hotspots Remain a Problem

According to research, those who continue to be exposed to dangerous mercury levels from power plant emissions tend to be poor, less educated and from limited-English households.
The method for transcriptomic analysis.

Exploring a Basophil's Life Story

Researchers find that pre-basophil and mast cell progenitors differentiate into pre-basophils before producing mature basophils in mice.
Shadows of two individuals sword fighting.

Researchers Uncover the Mechanism of Synaptic Pruning

Researchers have uncovered the mechanisms of a fundamental yet critically under-looked phase in brain development: synaptic pruning.
A pigeon flying.

Coos and Snooze: Scientists Decode Pigeons’ Dreams

The boundless and bizarre content of human dreams has attracted the interest of biological researchers for decades. A new study by German scientists shows that pigeons dream too. The team used a technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to look at bird brain areas that lit up during sleep.
A 3D model of a human head with the brain exposed.

Alzheimer’s Diseases Biomarkers Could Lead to New Treatments

Researchers analyzed proteomics data from the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the brain, combining data from 10 different study cohorts, most of which had been published before.