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3D Medical EXPO, 3D Bioprinting Conference Wrap Up

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700 attendees

31 exhibitors

The event was a great success, convening close to 700 attendees and 30 exhibitors at the MECC Maastricht to hear the latest developments and advanced 3D techniques in early discovery through to the manufacturing processes.

There was an abundance of talks from both academic and industry scientists with a very interested and engaged audience. The keynote speaker, Marcy Zenobi-Wong, Professor, ETH Zurich gave a really interesting presentation which triggered the audience’s curiosity and attention.

Informal feedback from attendees during the meeting was very positive. All agreed that the conference brought a varied community of scientists together to present their findings and research on this area. Many people would have liked more time for discussion after each presentation but it was clear that discussions took place in the exhibition and refreshments area during the breaks.

Generally, attendees were very happy with the focus and content of the conference and they are looking forward to the next meeting, which will be held on January 31-February 01, 2017.