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A woman listens to music through headphones.

What Happens in the Cerebral Cortex When We Hear a Melody?

When we listen to music, two things happen at once in the cerebral cortex – changes in vocal pitch are processed and the next notes are predicted.
Two vials of blood.

Alzheimer’s Blood Test Is 96% Accurate, Study Finds

Researchers have developed a cutting-edge blood test for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI), surpassing remarkable accuracy rates of over 96% and 87% respectively.
A strand of DNA.

10 Polygenic Scores for Chronic Disorders Progress to the Clinic

By analyzing millions of small genetic differences, researchers can calculate a polygenic risk score for disease. Ten of these risk scores have been validated for clinical use.
Breast cancer cells, with the nucleus shown in blue and microfibers and stress fibers shown in red and green.

Molecule That Reactivates Dormant Cancer Cells Discovered

A molecule that can reactivate dormant breast cancer cells and nudge them toward metastasis has been identified. The researchers also showed that inhibiting this molecule can reduce metastases.
A 3D model of a human heart.

Common B Vitamin Linked to Heart Disease

Cleveland Clinic researchers have identified a new pathway that contributes to cardiovascular disease associated with high levels of niacin, a common B vitamin previously recommended to lower cholesterol.
A blue question mark on a pink background.

Researchers Identify Part of the Brain That Regulates Decision-Making

Researchers have found important clues to how people make choices involving obtaining information about the future. The scientists identified a set of mental rules that governs decision-making about rewards.
Cancer cells.

Tackling Liver Metastasis and Potential Treatments

A new study has identified a crucial factor that can drive tumor cells to spread to the liver. The work points toward strategies that could help treat these often recalcitrant tumors.

Understanding Liver Generation

Researchers at Peter Mac have made a key discovery in liver regeneration that may have important implications for liver cancer. The joint research has identified how the liver is triggered to regrow when damaged.
A red toy robot

Researchers Develop Light-Responsive Material for Soft Robots

Researchers have designed a new, 3D-printable, light-responsive material that can be used to make machines that move without any electronics.
Light breaks through the ocean's surface.

Researchers Catalogue Ocean Viruses That Can Capture Carbon

By combining genomic sequencing data with AI analysis, researchers are zeroing in on the ocean viruses that can capture carbon and help combat climate change.