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A large selection of vegetables.

Colorful Fruits and Vegetables Improve Athletes’ Vision

Visual range is a critical asset for top athletes in almost any sport.
Computer-generated illustration of a DNA double helix.

Neanderthal DNA Has Lingering Effects in Modern Humans

A multi-institutional research team has found that Neanderthal DNA can actively influence some human traits, particularly those involved in immunity.
Computer-generated image of cancer cells.

Blood Pressure Drugs May Boost Cancer Immunotherapy, Mouse Study Suggests

The study's findings may be applied in the future to significantly improve the effectiveness and applicability of cancer immunotherapy.
Blue sky with the sun shining beside some clouds.

Role of UV Radiation Revealed in Development of Rare Leukemia in the Skin

The paper is one of the first to uncover the "genetic travelogue" of a cancer that evolves across multiple different tissues.
Artist’s imagination of an assemblage of primordial eukaryotic organisms of the ‘Protosterol Biota’ inhabiting a bacterial mat on the ocean floor.

Remains of an Extinct World of Organisms Discovered

Newly discovered biomarker signatures point to a whole range of previously unknown organisms that dominated complex life on Earth about a billion years ago.
A 3D model of a human heart.

New 3D Bioprinting Process Could Improve the Creation of Artificially Engineered Organs

New 3D bioprinting process involving the University of Huddersfield could save thousands of lives by helping the creation of tissue-compatible artificially engineered organs to become quicker and easier.
A patient in a hospital bed with an IV in their hand.

Functional Limitations Are Increasing in Cancer Survivors, Study Finds

In a study of 51,258 survivors weighted to represent a larger population of approximately 178.8 million people, 3.6 million survivors reported a functional limitation in 1999, and that number increased to 8.2 million in 2018.
Fluorescent imaging of a mouse placenta.

Function of Polyploid Placental Cells Investigated

New research from the Stowers Institute for Medical Research suggests that further exploration of the placenta’s roles and capabilities may lead to insights for positive pregnancy outcomes.
A breast cancer cell nucleus, colored pink and blue. Two small bright dots sit outside.

Unexpected Link Found Between Chromosomal Instability and Epigenetic Alterations

New research has uncovered an unexpected link between two hallmarks of cancer: chromosomal instability and epigenetic alterations.
SARS-CoV-2 particles

COVID-19 Can Cause Brain Cells To "Fuse"

Researchers have discovered that viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 can cause brain cells to fuse, initiating malfunctions that lead to chronic neurological symptoms.