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Two hands reaching out to one another.

Is Left-Handedness Tied to Your Genetics? Possibly, New Study Suggests

Why are some people right-handed, while others are left-handed? A new study has found left-handed people carry a specific genetic variation at a higher rate than righties.
Lobsters on the grill.

Shrimp and Lobster Dishes May Come With Elevated PFAS Risk

The researchers warn that safety standards for PFAS are urgently needed in seafood.
Coral reef.

Deeper Great Barrier Reef Areas Offer Respite from Heatwaves

Some deeper areas of the Great Barrier Reef are insulated from harmful heatwaves but that protection will be lost if global warming continues, according to research by The University of Queensland and University of Exeter.
A pond next to a road.

Retention Ponds Reduce Tyre Particle Pollution

Retention ponds and wetlands constructed as part of major road schemes can reduce the quantities of tyre particles entering the aquatic environment by an average of 75%, new research has shown.
A strand of DNA shown in white and blue spheres.

Genome-Wide Study Identifies Genetic Risk Factors for HPV Infections

A new genome-wide association study suggests that certain women may have a genetic susceptibility for persistent or frequent HPV infections.
Schematic diagram of experimental process and results.

Sniffing Out Bacteria: Novel Approach for Rapid Bacterial Species Identification

Do you ever wonder how researchers identify bacterial infections? Traditionally, the method is time-consuming with a detection process. A research team come up with a faster solution and published the way in Analyst as inside front cover.

Immune System Involvement in Dermatomyositis Revealed

A mouse model has helped scientists uncover the biological mechanisms behind the autoimmune condition dermatomyositis.
A bright green algal bloom.

First Nitrogen-Fixing Organelle Discovered

A recent discovery upends the rule that only bacteria can fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, as scientists describe an organelle within a eukaryotic cell that can fix nitrogen.
A colorful Blue-winged Pitta in its natural environment.

Migrating Birds at a Higher Risk of Colliding With Buildings Due to Blue Light

Bird collisions with buildings are nothing new, but a new study by scientists at The University of New Mexico sheds light on a potential cause.
Three paint rollers painting strips of colour on a white wall.

Water-Based Paints May Still Contain Potentially Hazardous Chemicals

Water-based paints have emerged as “greener” and less smelly than solvent-based options. And they are often advertised as containing little-to-no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).