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Splashing milk caught mid splash with droplets in the air.

Pasteurization-Resistant Bacterium Can Persist in Microfiltered Milk

A new filtration process that aims to extend milk’s shelf life can result in a pasteurization-resistant Microbacterium passing into fluid milk if equipment isn’t properly cleaned early, food scientists have found.
An image of grass.

Plant Gene Responsible for Driving the Growth of Root Hairs Identified

Scientists have found a plant gene that drives the growth of root hairs, the tiny structures that help plants find water and nutrients in the soil.

A collection of white pills on a blue surface.

MDMA Helps To Reduce PTSD Symptoms in Confirmatory Clinical Trial

Findings from a new confirmatory clinical trial have shown the potential for MDMA therapy in reducing PTSD symptoms, building upon previous studies by using a more diverse patient population.
An alcoholic drink on a table.

Brain Chemical That May Lead to Female Binge Drinking Identified

According to a study, when a certain chemical is removed from the brain, males drink more and females drink less. But when the alcoholic drinks are sweetened, female consumption goes up.
A woman with acne

Acne Treatment May Be Improved With Nanoparticle Delivery

Acne makes life miserable for around 800 million teenagers and adults worldwide. In a new study, researchers have shown how a new antibacterial compound encased in tiny, soft nanoparticles is effectively delivered to acne target sites.
Cancer cells.

Potential Treatment for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Identified

Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) affects 10-15% of patients with breast cancer in the US and is notoriously difficult to treat. Researchers have now discovered a new method to drastically reduce tumor growth even wiping out the cancer completely in some experiments.
A tree in a broken glass sphere.

Human-Driven Mass Extinction Is Eliminating Entire Branches of the Tree of Life

Human actions are wiping out vertebrate animal species hundreds of times faster than they would otherwise disappear. Researchers are calling for immediate political, economic and social action on unprecedented scales to prevent further extinctions.
A baby in a crib stares a mobile while holding a rope attached to it.

Study Captures Eureka Moment When Babies Learn They Have Agency

A new study has captured the "eureka-like" moment when babies realize they can act with purpose and effect change.

Cancer Drug May Fight COVID Inflammation

While important in controlling viruses, the effects of inflammation can be lethal when out of control. A team of researchers has found that a drug originally designed to treat cancers could reduce the inflammation that occurs in response to COVID-19.
A spiny lizard perches on a rock.

The Pace of Climate-Driven Extinction Is Accelerating

Climate change is causing extinctions at an increasing rate, a new study on the Yarrow's spiny lizard by researchers at the University of Arizona shows.